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How to Ensure Privacy And Security Using Chrome

  1. Google Chrome is not the only web browser, there are other browsers such as Firefox, Mozilla, and Explorer. As a fact, Chrome has the highest number of users.

Let’s assume that an attack is launched against Chrome users, invariably, it means almost all internet users would be affected.

That is why security is paramount when using a browser such as Chrome. Although Google makes it a priority to periodically release updates and ensure security, that doesn’t mean users should slack and fail to do the needful.

There are a few tips that all users need to implement while browsing the internet. These tips ensure that you are safe from all potential attacks.

It is important to note that all settings on the Chrome browser are done by navigating through the advanced settings

The instant feature could be very good because it ensures that searches are done without wasting time. But then, this feature means that anything you type of search engine would be sent to you. For optimal security, you have to turn it off.

Avoid Synchronisation

Do not be tempted to sync our email account with your browser. You have to get it disconnected from the “Personal Stuff” tab.

The reason for this is to avoid all your data such as a password in the form of autofill to be stored on Google servers. That could be dangerous.

Alternatively, you could the “Encrypt all Synced data” option and create a key for it.

Enable Phishing and Malware Protection

It’s good that Chome has this feature, it informs you if you wanted to visit a site that is malicious. You could turn this on at the Privacy option.

Configure Password and Form Filling Setting

It is good to disable autofill and deselect “Offer to save passwords I enter on the web” under the “Passwords and Forms” section. By doing this, Chrome will not save any sensitive information gave out when filling forms online.