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How to Delete iPhone Apps & Set up Apps for Offloading

Deleting Apps from your iPhone device isn’t a problem. But knowing how to automatically set the Apps offloading is a good trick to learn.
It doesn’t matter if you a new iPhone user. It doesn’t even matter if you’ve never deleted Apps before. The process doesn’t take time, it’s a fast and easy. Meanwhile, setting up automatic app offloading is a great way to make life easier. Here is how to make this happen

How to delete iPhone apps

1. Tap and hold on an app you’d like to delete
2. Let go when you see your apps start to wiggle and the icons appear
3. Tap the for any apps you’d like to delete, tap Delete to confirm
It is imperative to understand that certain Apps are likely to retain data in your iCloud. It doesn’t matter if you have deleted the App or not.
Just ensure that you’re fine deleting all data that an App may have saved over time before tapping the final delete confirmation.

How to set up automatic app offloading on iPhone

1. Open Settings and tap on General
2. Swipe down and tap on iPhone Storage
3. Look for Offload Unused Apps under the recommendations section as seen below
4. Tap Enable
If you’d like to turn this feature off in the future, you’ll find the toggle under Settings → iTunes & App Store.

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