How To Access The World Health Organization WhatsApp Chatbot That Answers COVID-19 Queries

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In order to, effectively, combat the spread of the coronavirus, also, known as, COVID-19, social media giant, WhatsApp, in conjunction with the World Health Organization, (WHO), has announced the launch, of a new chatbot, which will provide access, to accurate and real-time information, on everything concerning the coronavirus pandemic.

This service is, very easy to use and users, only need, to save the number, (+41 79 893 1892), to their phone contacts, open their WhatsApp messenger, search for the number and type the word ‘Hi’, then, send.

The bot will, swiftly respond, via a series of prompts, covering key queries and information as well as, dispel some of the rumours and misinformation around the outbreak, which have been spreading, via social media and messaging apps.

As at now, this WhatsApp Chatbot is, the best place, to get all the accurate news, concerning the spread of the coronavirus and all the efforts, put in place to curtail it.

Many news outfits, on the social media network, usually, credit updates gathered, to the WhatsApp Chatbot.

WhatsApp stated that, “The new service, which is free to use, has been designed, to answer questions from the public, about Coronavirus and to give prompt, reliable and official information, 24 hours a day, worldwide.

This will, also. serve government decision-makers, by providing the latest numbers and situation reports”.

It has, also, been reported that, WhatsApp is, currently, in talks with the NHS, in the UK, on creating a similar chatbot tool, while it is, also, working with the Singapore Government, the Israeli Ministry of Health, the South African Department of Health and KOMINFO Indonesia, to help create more awareness and keep the citizens informed, about the coronavirus and how best to protect themselves.

The Chatbot has, only, English, as its primary languages, for now, but it will soon be available, in Arabic, Chinese, French, Russian and Spanish, within the next few weeks.

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