How these Tech Trends May Affect your Small Business

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Towards the end of November 2019, some major changes happened in the world of technology.

These tech trends have some implications that you can’t ignore.

In case you missed them, this article will show you, how these tech trends may affect your business.


Last week, Twitter had announced that it would delete accounts of inactive users and make their username public, beginning Wednesday, December 11, 2019.

This announcement did not go down well, with some sections of the public, who still maintain the accounts of their family members, who have passed away.

Twitter has, therefore, taken a pause on the proposed action, saying it will create a way, for people to memorialize the accounts of their deceased relatives, while it will take that time, to come up with another plan, to remove inactive accounts.

While this move would be affecting users in the European Union, for now, the deactivation will, however, spread to other parts.

Once effected, business owners and social media influencers will start to lose followers they had before being inactive.

This move by the social media platform is, to present it, as a verified information platform, with high credibility.


Recently, Google added AI smarts, to its G-Suite and has, also, updated its Google Docs and Assistant.

This will, simply, enable users, to access some G-Suite apps, through Google Assistant, while Google Docs, will give text suggestions, through Smart Compose.

The beta version of AI assistant in the G-suite, currently available, allow users, to manage their calendars and events.

On Google Docs, users will be assisted, in composing documents and discarding irrelevant languages.

With these new Artificial Intelligence features, coming on Google products, small business owners should take advantage of what it presents.

Sparing some little time with a bit of configuration, your processes could be automated, thus, improving your productivity.


For the festive season, Pinterest announced that it will introduce a new feature, called Pinterest Shop. The platform, currently offers Product Pins, coming from the bigger brand.

This new introduction, however, will enable users, to shop from small businesses, via hundreds of Product Pins.

The Instagram platform, although, has a feature, like this Pinterest Shop, however, Pinterest’s uniqueness, in appealing to a significant number of females and teenagers, gives it a headway.

The platform has planned, to target women, between the ages of 18-64, who have children. This would appear, to be a good time, for small businesses, to leverage their Product Pins.

Online Shopping

Your employees shopping online might just pose a threat, to your small business. You may wonder how?

Towards the holiday season, employees, while at work, or, even, at home, use their office devices, for the holiday shopping.

A recent survey has shown that 61% of small business executives, strongly believe that, using the company’s device, for online shopping, poses a cyber-security threat.

Less than 50% of the Executives fear that their employees may not be able, to suspect malicious links, appearing as an online retailer.

Taking your employees, through some training, on cybersecurity is, essential, in this season. Office devices usage online stands the risk of potential attacks, from computer viruses.

There are other tech trends across the world, but the ones mentioned here would have a significant impact on your small business.

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