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How Technology has Helped Humans to be Focused $ Timely

Time is one of the most precious commodities in life while being focused is a life changing skill everybody needs to succeed.

The two essentials are basically the ingredients to becoming productive in life.

If you start paying the needed attention to how you manage bout time and get focused on a particular task, you will always be hours ahead of your peers. Set the time frame to finish a particular assignment and focused on it.

In often cases, it is usually difficult to accomplish that (being focused and meet timely deadlines) This is because the human brain is connected to myriads of things which makes it difficult to focus on one thing. And this is a sure way to become less productive unless you train your brain to be more focused.

However, technology has provided some solutions on how best we can best make use of our time and be more focused. These are solutions that would let you know that, there is a task. Second, that there is a time frame, and third, you have to be focused.

What are these solutions?, they are smartphone applications that can be downloaded providing those functions I stated earlier.

However, smartphones are now at the centre of our daily activities, this is because the smartphones are smart. They help users perform certain functions. We rely on smartphone to get the best of our every single tasks. Kudos to technology!

6 Apps that will Boost your Focus & Time Consciousness 

Flipd a bit similar to Moment, but they are different. It is an excellent tool, not only for individuals but also for businesses trying to boost office productivity.

Flipd is an app developed to keep people off their smartphones finally. This particular app also allows you to control other phones as well remotely.

It creates a lock screen that would remove any form of distractions from your phones such as social media apps and games. However, Flipd doesn’t stop you from receiving texts and answering calls.


6 Apps that will Boost your Focus & Time Consciousness 

This is a powerful smartphone application that reminds you of a task, as well as the time frame for completion.

Asana is collaborate in nature, you interact, and delegate tasks with a timeline set on it.


6 Apps that will Boost your Focus & Time Consciousness 

You may fail not realize how much time you waste, especially if you are not making it be a productive tool.

For instance, most of us have tight schedules on a daily basis with deadlines. If you find yourself in such situation, you tend to look out for ways to limit yourself to some activities.

And one of the things you can do to achieve some productivity by not spending much time on your smartphone is to use Moment.

Using Moment, you can also limit the amount of time spend on your phone.

If you are spending 9hours on your work and you only want to spend 15 minutes on your smartphone, it is a good idea to start using Moment. Once you have spent 15minutes, you start receiving alerts that will eventually force you to put off your phone.


6 Apps that will Boost your Focus & Time Consciousness 

AppDetox gives you room to set the particular amount of time to will spend on every application on your phone. However, you can still go beyond your time limit, but AppDetox shows you how many rules you have violated.


6 Apps that will Boost your Focus & Time Consciousness 

You can still keep track of missed notifications. The good thing about Offtime is that you don’t have to fear that you are missing out on some notifications.

However, what Offline does is to help you get rid of everything on your phone, you can block apps or even other contacts that restrict your office productivity.


6 Apps that will Boost your Focus & Time Consciousness 

Just as the name sounds in your head, stay on task. This app allows you to improve your focus level on whatever you are doing. With customized images and alarms, the app will tell you if you are not doing what you’re supposed to do. It just gives you the room to be more focused.

It is not too late to start trying something of these apps that I have listed. Having this kind of applications on your smartphone cannot be overemphasized.