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How To Build Your Social Media Strategy, As A Small Business Owner

You own a business and it is not on any of the social media platforms; you are wrong! In this age and time, regardless of your business type, or, size, there should be a social presence for your business.

More recently, ideas have grown into businesses, starting from social media. But then, those who have succeeded in social media did so with a strategy.

That is, you cannot afford to place your business on social media without a game plan, which is called your ‘social media marketing strategy’; a game plan, to build awareness for your business and grow your following on social media.

This involves setting your goals, identifying your audience and much more.

A strategy helps you to leverage the power, of social media, to positively impact your business.

Knowing this can be tasking for a small business owner, here is a quick break down, on how to build a social media marketing strategy, for your business:

Set Your Social Media Goals
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Aside from social media, being the new cool for businesses, what do you intend to get from it?

What purpose will social media serve for your business? These are some questions you need to answer, before taking any steps.

Some achievable goals include; to increase brand awareness, generate sales, serve as customer support and many more.

Having a goal helps determine what platform is right for your business and has your target audience.

Determine What Social Media Platform Is Right For Your Business

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As amazing, as your business ideas are, you cannot afford to be on all social media platforms, especially, when starting out, as a small business.

Doing this would wear you out.

To avoid this, use your goals to determine what channels your business needs.

For instance, for timely updates and customer support, Twitter is your go-to.

Is your brand a visual one? Think of Instagram. For a wider reach, think Facebook.

That said, take time to study platforms and find what works best for you.

Spot And Analyze Your Social Competition
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Again, regardless of how exceptional your business is, there are those in the same line of business as you.

Some of them have, even, gone on, to become gurus on social media.

It is not a crime to spot, take a cue from them and implement in your strategies.

Figure out what they have done correctly that works for them.

Figure out their audience’ platforms and learn a thing, or, two.

Create And Curate Engaging Content
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Social media depends heavily, on content. Without engaging content, your social media presence is bound to suffer.

At this point, there should be an understanding of what content type, best suits the business.

From user-based content to organic content and more.

With content type in mind, determine how best to communicate this, with your audience.

This could be through articles, videos, or, pictures, whichever is best suited for your audience.

Create A Posting Schedule
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Not every time, is a good time to post.

For content to give the expected outcome, it should be posted at a time, when the audience is available to engage.

The best bet is to create a posting schedule, around when the audience is online. With adequate research, this can be discovered and worked on.

Measure Results
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It is advisable to take note of what works and what does not.

At the barest, make use of the insights, provided by the social media platforms, to know what posts audience engages more with and reproduce such.

Bottom line, social media, can be intimidating if not well planned for, but with the right strategies put in place, businesses will soar.

Hopefully, the above can put you in that league.

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