History and Post-Pandemic Experiences: Avoiding The Pitfalls (2)

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Yesterday, I started the first part of a two-part series on the history and post-pandemic experiences and how to avoid the pitfalls that accompanied the pandemic, so that, we will learn and not continue to repeat the same mistakes, with the COVID-19 pandemic.

Today, I present the second and final part of the write-up. Please read on.

Slow or Late Government Actions and Responses

Measures like quarantine and social distancing, proved effective and paid off, for countries that adopted these measures, early enough back then.

It became costly, for countries that were slower in taking such actions.

By the time some countries began to take, or enforce these measures, the mortality rates was already in high numbers.

Looking at the COVID-19 pandemic, if countries had taken the alarm of the pandemic seriously, as early as possible.

When infections were growing in Wuhan, China and measures like travel bans, quarantine and lockdown had, immediately, been effected, the pandemic may have been contained and the mortality rates, minimal.

People’s Nonchalant Attitude and Poor Compliance to Pandemic Containment Measures

A lot of victims from the 1918 pandemic, either, as a result of ignorance, or willful negligence, failed to comply with the pandemic containment measures announced, by many governments.

People went about their normal businesses, as against the warnings to stay home, failed to use face masks, despite warnings and refused to take social distancing seriously.

The military for instance, in the warring nations, were mobilising troops, for the war and as the camps grew in numbers, the infection spread, like a wildfire.

With the COVID-19 on our hands now, it is about time that, we start listening to and abiding by the measures put in place by governments to avert monumental catastrophe.

Poor Hygiene, Malnutrition and Over-Crowded Medical Facilities

Subsequent studies, showed that, the symptoms, though unusual, were not too severe, for a healthy person.

Most persons who died, especially, the soldiers, were malnourished and practiced poor hygiene.

This made their immune systems become susceptible. Poor hygiene, like careless sneezing and coughing practices, refusal regularly wash hands, uncontrolled physical contacts, all contributed to enabling the disease to spread.

Medical facilities were, also, stretched, thus, over-crowded, without proper control, or management of the pandemic. All these resulted in high mortality rate.

The Implications of the Pandemic on Post-Pandemic Living

It is important to note that, life is always in a loop of “causes” and “effects”. The 1918 influenza pandemic, left its mark, on survivors and the world, as a whole.

The disease itself and measures, to contain it, took a toll, on the nations of the world. A few of these include:

Economic Recession

Businesses were shut down and international travels were banned.

Huge resources, both individual and government, were exhausted in containing the disease, as well as, providing medical services, for infected persons.

Workers and entrepreneurs died and various means of livelihood were stretched. The consequence of these events was an economic recession.

The world should, therefore, brace up for economic recession after COVID-19 and start planning to get out of it, as quickly as possible.

Drop in Academic Attainment

Due to the pandemic, schools were shut, as a means of ensuring social distancing. With recession, shattered means of livelihood and closed businesses, education for some persons, could no longer be financed.

Educational attainment, thus, dropped significantly. The world, however, gradually, sprang up and improved on every aspect of life, including educational attainment.

Psychological Effects

The loss of loved ones, loss of businesses, social distancing, fear and panic of infections; all had psychological effects on the people.

Some were left with physical disabilities, while others lived with the trauma for the rest of their lives

While these things, as clearly written by the golden pen of history, are popping up at this period of COVID-19, we will do well, to avoid the pitfalls of people.

From what transpired with the spanish flu of 1918 and use their stories, as a blueprint, for sketching detailed strategies, that will make us come out as victors and not victims, of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Either then, or now; staying safe is a big deal.


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