Hiring the Right Talents: Signs your Employees aren’t the Best Fit for their Jobs

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In today’s world, hiring the right talents that are the best fit, for your business, can be a bit of a challenging task.

This can derail a start-up from achieving its goals, if not properly handled.

It is, however, the job of any CEO, to get the right talents for the job and ensure that, they are settled in their jobs.

Hiring the right talent is, just the first step. The second step entails the business owner, ensuring that, the workers do not jump ship and how do you, achieve this?

Just give them what they love doing best.

Workers feel more settled when they are handling what they, inherently, love doing and it can, ardently, boost their productivity.

Often, employers do not get the best, out of their employees because, the employee’s performance is, mis-diagnosed and fixed into the wrong hole.

There must be a perfect synchronization, between the employees and the job they are asked to do. The job must align with their strength and personality.

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Employees will put in their best, when they are doing something that gives them joy, in the workplace.

How, then, do you, as a business owner, detect, which employees are not fit, for the job you gave them to do? Some of the signs you can be looking out for are stated below:

They Find It Difficult To Concentrate

One sure sign to look out for is, the concentration level of the employee. Employees will lose focus if they are doing something that they are not comfortable with. Their concentration level will always waver and they do not get things done on time.

“Concentration is the key to results. No other principles of effectiveness, are violated, as constantly, today as the basic principle of concentration” – Peter F. Drucker

Low Self Esteem

When an employee has low self-esteem, he/she, tends not to get things done and just muddle up any task given. They find it difficult, to communicate their ideas effectively, in group discussions and end up speaking off point. As the business owner, you get the feeling that, they are not up to the task.

“Low self-esteem is, no better home, to take refuge. It does not keep you comforted, from any danger; it keeps you confined away, from your real belongings!” – Israelmore Ayivor.

They Do Not Improve

After, investing in them, through mentoring, feedback, coaching, etc., these set of employees, still find it difficult, to improve and they just remain stagnant and unteachable. They, basically, struggle with everything they cannot comprehend and they find it difficult, to ask questions.

“No matter how much experience you have, there’s always something new, you can learn and room for improvement” ― Roy T. Bennett.

They Get Easily Frustrated

These set of employees, really, get frustrated and end up, abandoning the job given to them. They see the job, as too complicated and will rather spend their time, complaining, than attempting to fix it up.

“To conquer frustration, one must remain, intensely, focused on the outcome, not the obstacles” ― T.F. Hodge,

When They Fuss A Lot

Now, there is nothing wrong, when an employee fusses, as long as, the he gets the job done, but when the employee is, not getting the job done and is still fussing, over little things, then, as the business owner, you need to check it out.

As a business owner, hiring the right talents can be tricky but once you notice all, or, some of these issues, in an employee, the best thing to do is, to sit them down and talk to them with empathy.

If after this, you still notice that, the worker is struggling with his/her job specification, find something, within the organisation that, the worker can, effectively, excel in and assign to him.

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