Hiring A Family Member, What You Need To Consider

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A number of employers have asked this question; “this relative of mine needs placement in my workplace.

He is my young nephew, but he lacks experience and the required skills, to get the role.

Nevertheless, should I go ahead and hire him?”

With an objective mind, the best answer, to this anonymous question is, a big NO! Finding yourself in this situation warrants that, you put aside, all sentiments, or, emotional attachment when it comes to hiring staff for your business.

The survival of your business is essential, so, do not trade it, with unnecessary risk, by hiring staff that is not qualified, just because, they are your relatives.

Many small businesses, however, get to hire their relatives and they come out successful.

Across the world, there are, over, a million family businesses, so, obtaining the services of family members in your business, is not strange, in the business world.

What this means, is that provided, such family member, has the prerequisite skills, to man the position, you can go ahead to hire him or her.

You should not allow, any room, for error, in your judgment, when taking a position on this.

In hiring a family member, therefore, you should consider these factors:

Your Business Comes First

Remember that, the core reason for going into business is, to make a profit. Any other thing comes secondary.

Irrespective of the pressure, to get a family member into the services of your company, so, as to make you appear, as a good guy, without blemish, you should not fall for it.

You are, first, accountable to your business and sustaining its viability, before any other thing.

When you remember that, you owe your business an obligation, then, you begin to think of all those, who are really important, to help you take the business to your desired goal.

Your employees, customers and the immediate nuclear family. In as much, as it is good, to consider the three mentioned groups of people, above, you should, also, think about yourself, as a major player.

Not as a jack of all trade, but, as a leader, who needs to get a devoted business team, for success.

A number of small businesses, commence their operations, on a tiny financial budget, therefore, getting to risk the success of your business, through hiring a wrong person, especially, a family member, can be devastating.

Things Could Be More Serious Than You Imagined

Maybe, you have not thought of it yet that, this nephew of yours, might end up unproductive and you would be left, with no option, other than, to fire him.

If you are caught up, in the web, of hiring him in the first place, then, the decision to fire him, will be worse, than you think.

You could be caught up, in a position that, will lead, to a family grudge, as a result of firing a relative. Bad blood may be generated and this, often, leads to families, being torn apart.

It is better, not to hire an incompetent family member, at all, than getting yourself, caught with the decision to fire such a family member.

You May Not Have The Luxury Of Training

If you are counting on training a relative of yours, to learn on the job, you are, actually, wasting your time.

You may not be privileged, to have such luxury, as small businesses require, qualified hands, to set the ball rolling, at commencement.

If you employ 10 people and one of them is underperforming, the duration you would require, to train this employee, would cost you, lower productivity, on the job.

Your relative, may just, not be cut out, for the role available and probably, lacking in skills and qualifications, too.

Hiring a family member, on a job role that, he, or, she is, not positioned for is, a recipe, for failure.

That your nephew, or, niece, may not even be disposed towards the job, so, what have you gained, after spending much, on training such and eventually, leaves you.

For all those while, your business would have suffered a lot, so, I ask; why put yourself, in such a risk?

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