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Hackers Unveiled the New Version of iPhone and iPad Jailbreak

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While the term, ‘hackers’, has oftentimes, been associated with individuals that dabble in cyberattacks, cybercrimes, cyberthreats and cybersecurity.

Making use of sophisticated tech tools, to disrupt and tamper with organizations and people’s online data, one hacker team, has unveiled a new version of jailbreak and are making the hack available for free.

The new hacking software, has been unveiled by a team of hackers and the tool is named “unc0ver”. This tool can, effectively, unlock every iPhone and iPad, including the latest iOS 13.5 version.

“Every other jailbreak released, since iOS 9, used 1day exploits that were, either, patched in the next beta version, or the hardware”, stated the Lead Developer of unc0ver, Pwn2wnd.

A piece of detailed information about, how  jailbreak was built, tested, etc., everything that happened during and after production, as well as how compatible it will be, with other devices.

Devices includes iPhone 6s, iPhone 11 pro Max models, iOS version 11.0, iOS 13.5 were well outlined, in the unc0ver website, although, iOS version 12.3, down to 12.3.2, 12.4.2, straight down to 12.4.5, were excluded.

“Utilizing native system sandbox exceptions, security remains intact, while enabling access to jailbreak files”, the report read.

This new version of jailbreak, will exploit a zero-day vulnerability, which as at now, is unknown, but we expect that, makers of the iPhone products, would be working round the clock, to ensure that, this loophole is blocked and effectively, raise a stronger security standard, to block off unc0ver, from penetrating more.

The hacker’s team responsible, for unc0ver have as at now, not specifically, exposed the loophole in iOS that was exploited, to develop this jailbreak, but we expect more news on this, to start rolling out, before the week comes to an end.

Interested users can access and install the new version of the unc0ver iPhone and iPad jailbreak, from iOS, macOS, Linux, and Windows devices.

Featured Image: thehackernews

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