Growth Hacking Tips for Tech Startups

Growth hacking - cfamedia

The ecosystem around Startups is getting more competitive. Companies are ever moving at the speed of light and cannot afford to be left behind in this fast moving race.

It is a necessity that you set apart from the crowd through your unique value proposition and strategies that will enable you to scale to grow exponentially.

The truth is that your Startup would definitely have stiff competitions that are likely offering similar products or services as you do, but you are in the market to do things differently in order to stand out.

What is that factor that makes you stand out from the crowd? Growth Hacking is the answer you require. Growth hacking affords you the chance of creativity by employing unconventional methods to improve the efficiency of your Startup.

Here are some of the ways your Tech Startup can hack marketing tactics for growth:

Increase your activity within your online communities

Have you heard of community marketing? Making use of the established online market to promote your Startup.

This is a great marketing tip, as you are already established with your targeted audience in the industry. All you need to do is to focus on how consistent you can be in delivering value to your online community.

You need to create a content plan, filled with stories that get people involved emotionally. The more emotional they are towards your content, the longer time they spend on it.

This presence does a lot for your brand awareness; it increases your credibility and cements you as an authority in the field. This is a growth hacking tip you need employ.

Creativity & Collaboration

Establishing your presence on social media, goes a long way in how creative you are. With videos getting the upper hand as the most consumed content, you do not jump in the bandwagon by just making videos.

Your videos need every sense of creativity to obtain a large number of views. With Instagram, getting an increase in its monthly users, your Startup has to leverage this to get the voice out there.

With the recent boom in influencer marketing, an addition of the services of a social media influencer is one way to go about growth hacking for your Startup.

Your exponential reach gets delivered through this process. A significant number of marketers make use of influencers for a quick reach. If it works for them, it would for your startup.

Write case studies

A case study written by the Founder or a Co-Founder, gives a good impression, especially, on your online community.

It makes you appear trustworthy and genuine in whatever product or service you are offering.
Writing about the company’s achievements and what the future looks like, in terms of financial valuation and expansion, shows you have aims and not just like any other Startup in the market.

From the perspective of a brand, case studies enable potential customers to have a grasp of your products or services and how your current customers are making use of it. This is a growth hacking technique to embrace.

Interview Influencers

Another growth hacking that can work for you, is to get an interview with influencers in your industry. It does not have to be a physical meet up. You could consider other options of sending them questions via email or through Skype calls.

Doing this will give you lots of insights on your industry and when you create posts out of them, you become a source of information on trends, making people look up to you for information. By this, you are gradually growing big in your industry.

Growth hacking is an  important way to create a market for one’s Startup. Knowing how to go about them will assist you in getting the traction you desire for your business.