Google’s Quantum Computing Breakthrough Opens Up Blockchain Resistance

Recently, Financial Times reported that the research paper of Google’s Quantum Computing, was uploaded to a NASA website, but it was hurriedly, taken down.

Google team runs a processor, with a programmable superconducting qubit, in 200 seconds. The team achieved quantum supremacy.

They estimated the fastest supercomputer in the world would take, 10,000 years, to complete.

With the quantum computer, the team was able, to perform calculations in just, over three minutes; what would have taken the world’s most powerful supercomputer, 10,000 years to calculate.

“To our knowledge, this experiment, marks the first computation that can only be performed, on a quantum processor”, reports Google AI Quantum team and their collaborators, in the paper.

It is a milestone, said quantum physicist, Steven Flammia, of the University of Sydney, who did not partake in the study.

“Prior to this experiment, there was no convincing demonstration, of a quantum computation that, someone had done, on a programmable quantum device that could not be done, on a conventional computer”, stressed Professor Flammia,

How does this relate to Blockchain’s resistance?

Google’s Quantum computing is, basically, a new advancement of computing that allows for complex equations and problems, to be solved, in an, exponentially, quicker formation, than is currently available.

Although Quantum computing has been viewed, as a futuristic sphere that is, not in our firm grasp, but according to reports, blockchain watertight, existing encryption, will be rendered obsolete, by quantum computation.

This is a piece of unfavorable news, as the significance of blockchain, will become shattered.

Should Blockchain enthusiasts, press the panic button? No, and here are the reasons.

This is just the first step of quantum computation, although, a rather giant step that means the spotlight is, once again beamed, on blockchain, to maneuver and resist this kind of technology that can breakdown and unravel its cryptographic algorithms, in minutes.

As far, as I am a concerned, based on verified evidence, it is, rather, too early, to start pressing the panic button because, an emerging technology, can be a complicated sphere, moreover, there is already technology and innovation, in place that, has been preparing, for an age of quantum computing, where blockchain is resistant.

Blockchain builders, across the world, are already putting out quantum-resistant chains, to counter this.

Reacting to this news, Johann Polecsak, CTO of QAN, told; “The notion of Google, achieving a quantum breakthrough, sounds very dramatic, but, in reality, it is hard, to gauge the significance at this time. How can we be sure that Google’s quantum computer is, more powerful than D-wave’s, for example, which surpassed 1,000 qubits, four years ago?”,

As much as quantum computation may look like science fiction, it is much better, to start preparing for it.

The media has, already, blown it out of proportion and painting it, like an apocalyptic phenomenon, but it is far from this.

It is, way better, if everyone in the ecosystem is, well informed and better prepared for any eventuality.

It will be a sad thing, if the blockchain technology that has started gaining ground and becoming an essential technological tool that, promises a whole lot of things, becomes obsolete, at so short a time.

Featured Image: thescipreneur

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