Google Updates its Translating App, Live Speech to Text Available in 8 Languages

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Google has upgraded its Translating app on Android and given it a new feature called Transcribe that can live translate speech into multiple languages.

Recently, Google has been carrying out some minor and major upgrades across their services and one is a new feature simply known as Transcribe.

The release of this new feature was announced some days back by Google CEO, Sundar Pichai, on his Twitter handle where he mentioned that the Live Speech to Text Translation simply known as Transcribe will be getting 8 new languages and more will be added very soon.

This feature will be available to all those that have upgraded to the latest version of the Google Translate app on their Android smartphones.

Unlike the previous Recorder app released by Google that has Pixel 4 and can easily convert speech to text quite efficiently, the Transcribe is a major upgrade and can do lot more as it listens to speech in a certain language and then shows it as text in different languages.

Presently, the supported languages include English, German, Hindi, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Thai, and Russian (more will soon be added).

You need to update the Google Translate installed on your Android smartphone if you want to access this feature. An option called ‘Transcribe’ along with the pre-existing options of ‘Camera’ and ‘Conversation’ will pop up after clicking the feature.

Tap the Transcribe and select the source and target language from the dropdown and you are good to go!

Users have the option to do the following

  • Pause or restart transcription by just tapping the mic icon
  • See the original transcript
  • Choose a dark theme
  • Change the text size by going to the settings menu

This feature is unique and officially, it has been rolled out for Android devices in the form of Transcribe, although, it has not been able to circulate and work in some devices very soon it will be.

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