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Google Smartlock, Should I Use it?

Smartlock for Android saves you the trouble of drawing your pattern or entering code to unlock your smartphone .

Smartlock is a feature that was added to the Android Lollipop update.

Smart Lock for Android, automatically keeps your smartphone or tablet locked when it is not with you and unlocked when your device is safe.

You can choose to have Android unlock based on Bluetooth or NFC connections, when you have the device in your possession, or when it recognizes your face or your voice.

Imagine, listening to your favorite mix on Dezeer, or Spotify, or watching that exciting movie online, while munching a meal and you have to unlock your phone each time. It is annoying as you may, even, end up smearing oil on the screen.

The Smartlock keeps your phone unlocked all the time. The App knows that you have the smartphone, in as much as as you are within a specific range set up. This is convenient, but how secure is this. Should you use it?

What is wrong with Smartlock?

Personally, the Smartlock feature is a good one, but security-wise, not so much.

Just like you leave your door open, as long as you are in the neighborhood. This saves you the hassles of inserting your key into the lock each time you are entering and leaving your apartment, but also risky.

It gives anyone access to your house. Even in your home, there are relatives you do not want snooping through your private data.

So, should I use this feature?

Yes, please. It is good, but remember to safeguard sensitive apps with the use of app lock. Apps such as Gmail, Social media apps (Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter), Messaging app, etc.

How do I set it up?

Before setting the Smartlock, make sure to set a password or PIN to your phone.

  • Settings
  • Tap ‘Smartlock.’
  • Three options; trusted devices, trusted face, and trusted places. You can choose one or all. You can add many trusted device and locations, but only one trusted face.

Finally, set up the desired lock mode.


You should use this feature. Just be careful. In the end, no one is that secure online.

What do you think about the Smartlock? Would you use it? We will like to know your experience while using it.