Google Play Store Removes 24 Malware Infested Apps

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Google Play Store has detected and removed malware-filled apps that have been harvesting and routing data back to the Chinese servers.

This discovery was made by VPN Pro who was on the lookout for the various permissions that anti-virus apps ask Android users.

VPN Pro reported in their blog post that Shenzhen HAWK (a Chinese company which is a subsidiary of TCL Corporation) was offering 24 apps through the Google Play Store with 382 million cumulative downloads.

However here is the flip side, once these apps are downloaded, users are asked for dangerous permissions and some contain Malware and Rogueware and after Forbes reached out to Google about these apps on Tuesday, it was reported that the company swiftly removed these apps from the Play Store.

Google reached out back to Forbes via a statement stating, “We take reports of security and privacy violations seriously, and if we find behavior that violates our policies, we take swift action.”

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Google made good to their words and after the removal of the Shenzhen HAWK apps, TCL Corporation responded to VPN Pro that it was working with Google to have a better understanding of what really happened and how to prevent further occurrence.

The company further stated that plans to conduct a thorough security audit of its apps to put the customers at ease have been initiated.

Below are some of the affected apps that you need to delete from your phone right away to avoid the risk of Malware or a Rogueware attack.

  • Hi VPN Pro
  • World Zoo
  • Puzzle Box
  • Word Crossy!
  • Dig it
  • Laser Break
  • Word Crush
  • Music Roam
  • File Manager
  • Sound Recorder
  • Joy Launcher
  • Turbo Browser
  • Weather Forecast
  • Calendar Lite
  • Candy Selfie Camera
  • Private Browser
  • Super Cleaner
  • Super Battery
  • Virus Cleaner 2019
  • Hi Security, 2019
  • Hi VPN, Free VPN
  • Net Master
  • Soccer Pinball
  • Candy Gallery

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