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Google Photos App Gets New Design Icon, Three Tabs Interface and Map View

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For users that have not updated their Google photo app for quite some time now, due to, I think now is the time they should, as Google has revamped its photo app.

The Google photos app now comes with an awesome aesthetic interface, well designed and also, a map view that is now more enticing for users to operate.

The updated interface, now has three tabs on the bottom, named ‘Photos’, ‘Search’, and ‘Library and the shared content can get accessed, by the “conversation” button located on the top left corner of the app.

For the ‘Photos’, users can now view all their pictures, when they click the Photos tab, as it now contains all their pictures and videos.

With larger thumbnails, auto-playing videos, and just thin white space, between each picture.

There is, also, the presence of a much larger memories carousel located on the top that, when viewed, shows content from the current week, but got taken several years ago.

For the ‘Search’ tab, users can now search for people, places and things that are very important to them, as the revamped search tab is designed in such a way now that, it systematically makes it easy to search and preview older photos.

The map view, now shows the ‘Search’ tab that comprehensively shows sort of a heat map, of where in the world the user has taken every picture and by tapping on the heat zone icon, it will show all the photos taken in that particular location.

For the Google Photos Library tab, this is where every user’s folders, albums, favourite photos, archive and trash are placed and can be viewed.

Not only did Google updated the photo app, it has, also, remodified the Google photo app.

It now shows sharp corners of the pin-wheel, (this replaced the rounder look and the white space in the middle).

The desktop version of Google Photos has, however, not been remodified, as it still shows the old design icon, but users on Android and iOS can now enjoy the newly revamped Google photo app.

Featured Image: gadgets.ndtv

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