Google My Business Introduces New Features For Reviews And Short URLs

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We go blank of ideas, we need to make inquiries about a business page and we cannot get any information about them around.

Every day, people tend to be looking for answers to one question, or, the other and if they cannot get the desired results from people around them, their next option is Google.

Google is the most thriving online search engine that gives answers to all your questions, in all spheres of life.

The introduction of Google My Business, gives small businesses, the opportunities for their business to gain an online presence.

They give you information about organizations, whatever you need to know, information is provided.

Google has devised a new means for your business to gain more relevance online, by introducing reviews. Reviews are like feedbacks.

It gives you the opportunity to know your customers’ mind, whether they are satisfied with your products, services, and solutions, or, not and it is a better way of advertising your business.

Google My Business, allows you to receive positive reviews for your business, which are suggested, based on the 4-5 Star ratings.

The 4-5 Star rating allows you to boost your online relevance, regarding the company, when people search.

Another advantage that Google My Business, introduced to the media, is for the business, to add short names and short URLs to their company name, so it is easier for businesses to share their information with their customers.

This URL will take prospective customers to Google My Business page directly, which makes it simple enough to put on marketing materials, or, tell people verbally.

The turn of events will assist organizations to be relevant, through Google My Business, because their Google My Business profile, has created an avenue for reviews, which will give your brand integrity and reliability that, people carrying out business with you, will like to be assured of.

It also introduced the short URL will make it easier or you, to share your products and services with people online, or, in person.


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