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Google Maps Gets New Features As It Turns 15 Today

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Google Maps today has launched a new design that asks for its users’ reviews and images of places they had visited.

The launch of the new feature coincides with the 15th birthday of Google Map today Thursday, February 6, 2020.

Introducing a “Contribute tab” on the menu located at the bottom of Google Map’s mobile app.

However, the move may call for serious concerns from companies such as Yelp that have supported the investigation of Google as it concerns antitrust issues.

According to Google, it has responded to feedback from users on how to ease contribution for millions of users who submit data on the platform yearly.

Unlike seven years ago when Apple’s maps app took a contrasting approach when it incorporated images and reviews from Yelp.

Billions of dollars have been invested in Google’s search ads business.

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This was executed to map out the world digitally and in the process having 1 billion users monthly on its navigating platform.

Through Google maps, the search engine platform would be seeking to make a profit from the billions it has invested through the increase in ad sales.

By making users rely on its map for insights on places, Google would be enlarging its advertising opportunities.

Google has also announced that its Maps would prompt users to share more information on their bus rides.

Google Maps already tracks the location of users’ and also determines the level of a crowd on a transit.

It already uses its ability to track users’ location and survey them to determine how crowded transit is.

Some apps have contended with Google for having better real-time data and more screening of user content than Google.

However, over the years Google’s ability to collaborate users’ data has made the tech company stand above its competitors.

Featured Image: appleinsider

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