Google Launchpad Africa; meet the 12 African Startups

Google Launchpad - cfamedia
Credit: Disrupt Africa

For the third cohort of its Launchpad Accelerator, Google has revealed the names of the 12 Startups it has selected from 17 African countries. In addition to this, Google also revealed the names of the Startups selected for its accelerators, based in India and Brazil.

The 12 selected Startups for its accelerator include four from Kenya, three from Nigeria, two from South Africa, while Egypt, Uganda, and Senegal have one representative each.

After the applications for the cohorts closed on Sunday, January 13, 2019, Google has reviewed up to 1000 applications in the three regions.

More than 20 teams of Google engineers gave intensive mentoring to the participants, who also got open access to Silicon Valley. It also afforded them the opportunity to partner with Google for three months.

Announced in mid-2017, the Google Launchpad Accelerator Africa would last till 2020. The initiative would see an investment of $3 million in equity-free support and free access to experts from the Silicon Valley for the three-year period of the program.

The eligible Startups across Sub-Saharan Africa must be technologically based, with the African target in mind and must have raised seed funding.
Google remarked on a blog post,

“The Startups chosen represent those using technology to create a positive impact on key industries in their region and we look forward to supporting them and connecting them with Startup ecosystems around the world,”

According to the accelerator, Google’s Launchpad Africa has created 253 jobs, having raised over $12 million during the course of the program in November 2018.

Below are the selected Startups and the countries they come from:

Data Integrated Limited, Kwara, Okhi and Tambua Health Inc


54 gene, ScholarX, and WellaHealth


Zelda Learning, Voyc

Other selected Startups and the countries they come from include, Egypt – Instadiet, Senegal – PAPS, Uganda – Swipe2pay .