GoMoney makes Entry into Nigeria’s Financial Market

GoMoney - cfamedia

Financial service app, GoMoney announced its launch into the Nigerian market.  GoMoney helps its users spend better by creating an avenue through which users can understand their spending habits and build a better relationship with their money through its mobile app.

“GoMoney was created to provide customers with a fast, secure, improved and enhanced banking experience. We are driven to create adequate, reliable banking services accessible to everyone. We are set to simplify payment processes, reduce the costs of transactions drastically, and present a community-based approach to banking,” GoMoney spokesperson stressed

The goals of GoMoney includes creating an encompassing system through which everybody can experience an efficient banking service that has outgrown the traditional financial services in Nigeria.

“We have built an inclusive product that makes available all the features of a bank account, that eliminates traditional banks red tapes and skipped all the hassle and disappointment of failed transaction and unfair charges,” explained the GoMoney team.

GoMoney offers its users an alluring monetary experience as the app gives users full control (within regulatory guidelines) over their accounts.

The app also provides users a seamless ability to send and receive payments from anyone – irrespective of where they bank.

Regardless if it’s individuals or groups, GoMoney enables users to effectively monitor their accounts without the fear of security breach, gives an eagle eye monitoring on transactions, schedule payments, and split costs.

Users will benefit awesome features that include;

Payment Scheduling feature: Users can effectively schedule and keep track of recurring payments for later dates.

Nearby Payment feature: Users can pay other users (that has an account on the app) around them without having any details such as account numbers or phone numbers.

The Expense Tracking feature: This feature ensures users have an eagle eye-tracking of how they spend their money.

All transactions can be done through multiple channels which include;

  • phone numbers
  • payment links
  • nearby payment or in-app transactions.

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