Gold and Bitcoin, Two Valuable Assets on the Bounce

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For centuries, Gold has been employed for use as a means of exchange, currency, and assets.

Whereas Bitcoin is a bit over ten years, however, it is a digital version of Gold providing almost the same features and probably some more than what the precious metal could offer.

Over the last two years, both Gold and Bitcoin have seemed to enjoy the same fate.

However, the question here is that, what does this constant rise and fall mean for the two assets?

Especially for Bitcoin, which has been predicted to replace Gold.

Gold is considered to be the most reliable assets in many markets.

Since it has been in usage for the year, it has become safe for investors to even use it as a cover for safety, during an economic downturn.

It is also highly valuable due to its scarcity keeping prices, that appear to be relatively stable.

Bitcoin was designed as a means to cause a disruption in the present broken monetary system, built on inflating the government-issued currency.

Bitcoin was created to have the same features attributed to the value of gold and its durability. Unlike other assets, Gold has a hard-coded digital scarcity.

The gold supply appears to be scarce and one can’t even tell of the quantity left underneath the earth.

Why are these two assets related?

They are both scarce and with much distress hitting hard on the economy, more investors are migrating their capital into the two assets.

The rise was noticed in 2019 and both assets had a peak in the middle of 2019, went on the low towards the end and peaked again.

Bitcoin has been slightly edged by Gold, an indication that Bitcoin may just shot up.

If the precious metal collapses suddenly, it is an indication that there might be a drop in the cryptocurrency too.

This, however, depends on the state of the world economy.

With the outbreak of the Covoid-19 and fiat currencies going down the drain.

Gold and bitcoin will continue to rise and fall as capital moves from the conventional market into the two assets.

Featured Image: CNBC

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