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In Africa, the gig economy is the economy. An average civil-servant in Nigeria, with a secured middle-class salary, still has a “side-hustle” that fetches extra income at the end of the month. With the fluctuation of the Naira on the foreign-exchange market, assets stored in local currency devalue over time, hence, the reason why people are rushing to get a second source of income: preferably in foreign currencies. Getting paid in any foreign currency, say the U.S Dollar, makes the individual have short and long term financial stability; converting to local currency has higher value in the short-term; saving the foreign-currency as asset in the long-term keeps the individual financially buoyant.
In Nigeria, there are many costs to consider when deciding to work in the global gig economy; how to keep the electricity on; how to ensure a productive environment; how to stabilize the internet speed. It is known that only highly paid, or funded, individuals are able to “fortify their bubble” and provide these necessities for themselves. Even then, there will still be problems with logistics; having to use multiple internet-providers like Chine Ezekwesili; having to battle for generator-fuel. The subtleties of trying to work from home start preventing people from actually working from home. This is where comes in.
In Ikeja, the capital of Lagos, Nigeria, the 7th largest economy in Africa, is a new co-working space: Housed in the GRA (Government Reserved Area), there is little noise to worry about; the environment draws away from the hustling and bustling of the metropolis and leans itself to work-centric mood., sounds Nigeria-pidgin, meaning “go and do something”, more like “make things happen”. It is made available to innovative minds who need to share co-working space, connect and collaborate with one another.

The facility has spaces for conferences, training and events; since launch, there has been regular master-classes for Digital Marketing, Coding Bootcamps, among others.
The co-founder of the platform, Chukwuemeka Fred Agbata Jnr. “CFA”, nurtures the vision to ease the work-life of, all, people; the facility is available to young adults to learn new skill, likewise it is available to professionals to work-out from daily. At the unveiling ceremony, chaired by the Managing Director of System Specs, John Obaro, GoDo dedicated itself to “focusing on solutions that will deepen financial inclusion” for problem solvers.

The environment fosters learning and creativity. It allows people of all ages to dream and go on realise that dream. Everyone is invited, really.

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