Glo Data Plan: I had to Choose between Speed and Affordability

Amongst the leading telecom service providers (Airtel, Globacom, Etisalat, and MTN) in Nigeria, Glo leads in the affordability of data plans, they are second to none.

The indigenous telecom service provider rolled out the cheapest data plans in Nigeria last year. The average Nigerian finds it difficult to resist. These juicy offers from Globacom had triggered some Nigerians to get Glo SIM cards.

In addition, Globacom rolled out 4G, for BlackBerry and Android users, probably due to some level of congestions on the 3G network, which I find preferable.

I am yet to give the Glo 4G plan a shot, although some subscribers who had given it a trial claimed that it works in some areas, while it flops in other areas.

Another aspect of Glo data which worth commendation is the option of sharing data with someone. If you know someone who needs data, you can share your data plan without necessarily purchasing another one. The person get notified immediately through SMS, once you add the person to your sharing list.

Certainly, this is a bit different from what is obtainable from other service providers. With Globacom, the person who receives your data is not limited to internet access, unless your subscription expires. In as much as your data isn’t finished or expired, the person still enjoys the data shared.

Usually, you share 50Mb, 100Mb for instance, but that’s not the case when using Glo data plan. There is no restriction, once your subscription is active.

What is Wrong with Globacom Internet?

Personally, I don’t think Glo is amongst my top 3 lists of service providers in Nigeria. I was compelled to subscribe to Glo due to it’s tempting offers. Before I subscribed, I had to make series of enquiries to know if the internet speed of Glo was good enough.

About six months ago, I subscribed to Glo, it was a plan that worth it in all ramifications. I had benefited from Glo, because there is nothing as frustrating as having a network that is slow when you need to deliver a task. The story is different today, Glo network is in its worst state.

Beside the favorable internet speed, I get rewarded in two folds the amount I subscribe.

Unfortunately, Glo internet is horrible in some sections of Lagos, a state where most of the network infrastructure are deployed. If Glo network can be too slow in some areas of Lagos, what happens to other Glo subscribers in other states?

Although, it might be too early to start laying negative criticisms against Glo. Let’s watch and see if Glo would improve on its network. It is imperative they do because, they stand the chance of gaining more subscribers.


For Glo subscribers, I will suggest Proxy or any VPN to speed up your internet. This is not a sure bet but definitely better than not using VPN.

Someone, weekend, suggested I use Utrasurf, Hotspot, or any other Android VPN. Like I said, this method will not override poor or unstable network, but it is better than not having at all.

However, Globacom also, need to expand their networks, so as to cover the uncovered areas. If they must sustain or increase their number of subscribers, more need to be done.


The choice is between affordability and speed. Glo offers affordability, but not speed at the moment, if I should consider my recent experience.

I opted to Etisalat, the Internet speed is better compared to Glo, but I had to pay extra.