Getting Your Great Startup Team

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Nigerian startups raised $9.2 Million in the first quarter of 2018 alone and we have seen more technology startups emerge in the country.

The success recorded by this startup team is most time-dependent on team effort, what constitutes your startup team can be a make or mar to your startup journey.

We have a compiled a list of tips to assist you in putting a great team together for your startup

Identify roles

For a startup team, not all positions can be filled at the initial stage, you can do without some roles but the very important ones that you can’t do without includes finance, marketing, sales, and technology.

Identifying these roles is not just enough but you must specify out the role requirement for an effective start.

Interactive session

Startups are not the regular company, working in a startup involves a decent level of creativity in your thought process, and the only way you can get hold of such is by holding an interactive session that would fish out the talent required for your new venture.

The common interview process might not just workout to get the best brains for the positions required, you need a very technical process in your interview stages.

Have you seen the way Google does its recruitment process?  

Well, the assertion is not to use 100% Google standard, but to put together talents, your interactive session needs to take a nudge higher.

You need to go beyond the resume, pay attention to their personal vision and passion.


Yes, you have a startup, but do you have a sound mission and vision movement?

How well will you do to communicate these to your team so that it keeps ringing a bell in their ears?

Your mission and vision statement clearly stated sets you at per with your team and shows a sense of direction towards a goal.

Making your team members understand this would shape their thoughts in order to align with the purpose of your startup.

Join an Incubator or Accelerator

Getting to join an ecosystem of Incubators and Accelerators gives you the leverage to meet co-founders and potential investors.

This has shown over time to be a good decision. The purpose of this setup is to assist founders in either finding their first customers or scaling their ventures, so this is an opportunity to leverage.

Working together affords startups the opportunity to see where the shortcomings are, this in return would give them the leverage to act on their weakness.

What other ways do you think startups can form a great team that could be formidable?