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Getting More People to Follow you on Instagram

Instagram is the least of my favorite social media websites. I don’t have an account and I don’t intend to have one. Who cares? Millions of people are still using the platform, negatively and positively; just like Facebook. But you have to decide if it’s going to be negative or positive.
Meanwhile, Instagram is a photo and video sharing mobile platform. It is doing quite well as millions spend their time entertaining themselves with funny, educational, inspirational pictures and short clips.
If you have an Instagram account, and you really want to know how to grow your followers, then read on. It feels good to post a picture and have thousands of likes, post a video and have many people view it. That’s a good feeling, I know. But, how about getting more followers and utilizing the followership?
Note, this is not some sort of quick strategy of getting more followers. You need to work for it. Of course you need to have something good enough for people to keep coming back to your profile.
Maybe you have a business and you desire to increase your sales through instagram, or you just want to be instagram famous, this is for you. Here are some tricks for you.
1. Use Hashtag creatively
Ok, probably you have heard of using hashtag, but no one wants to be bored by stereotypes. Use funny, hilarious tags. You can write something using hashtag, and it might just trend and you already made. Don’t be boring, just mix things up, be contradicting if you feel like. But remember to make it relevant to what you are all about or at least to that particular post.
2. Engage more in influential and popular conversation.
Well, this is like using an already made platform to make your voice known. Use the hashtag they are already using and add yours. It is not easy but constistency will make you stand out eventually.
3. Make use of URL link in your bio
Your bio is a short description of what you really about. Make it short and very importantly, use short url that leads to your website if you have one.
4. Be unique
You don’t want to be lost in the crowd. Use your style and designs. Soon people will know you by that. This should be applicable to all you do on your page, from how you caption, to your signature mark. This makes you stand out.
5. Engage and get discovered by top influencers.
There should be an influencer who already has a lot of following and commands audience that you have on your list or you are following. Go to their profile page and turn on post notifications. On each of their posts, try to engage, discuss and get noticed. This helps a lot. You might even get a shout out or a mention

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