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How To Get Banks To Say Yes To Your Small Business Loan

Entrepreneurs often complain about banks poor response towards small business loan applications submitted to support their enterprise.

On many occasions, they have tendered their business plans to various banks and got no response.

The problem small business owners or Startups fail to realize is the need for a well-written business plan submitted along with the loan application to the banks.

The business plan must reveal certain key issues, before being considered by the banks.

A Business Plan is the major tool, or, key, towards getting loans, grants, or, investors to support your business.

Presenting an unguided business plan to banks, without financials, will not cut any ice with the applicants.

The business plan gives the bank detailed information about your business, what you do, strategies on how to achieve your aim, a guide to all you do.

This serves as an assurance that the business will result in adequate cash flow to assure the repayment of the requested small business loan.

A business plan is not restricted to the small business owners seeking loans.

Business plans also serve as, a guiding document for the enterprise.

Writing a business plan is as important as, or, more important than, the business itself because, this serves as a guide in building and growing your business.

There are important keys that a strong business plan, must have.

These keys also apply to the application of loans, backed by the Small Business Application, (SBA) and for a regular commercial loan and these include:

Detailed Projection

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Getting support from the bank requires that your business is such that, it is able to make enough profit to help you pay back the loan.

Your business plan will have a detailed explanation of how your business will run and how it will succeed in the next couple of years.

Give details about your marketing strategy, how your profits will be made, the employees and their effects on labor costs, as the company grows.

Your key point on your business plan is identifying your core element on how the business will grow and be able to defend it.

Marketing Strategy

Your business plan is not complete without giving details about your marketing strategy.

How do you intend to attract customers? How do you intend to stand out among competitors, using your marketing strategy?

Banks want to know the importance of your product and services to the masses, how needful are your products in the area and will you attract people to buying your product?

Management and Ownership Experience

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Banks would not give out loans to owners, who do not have the proper experience needed, to make the business work.

Businesses are different, so, they require different skills.



The need for a location that best fits your kind of business is very vital. Every business has a location they best fit in to thrive.

A fueling station is not expected to be located in non-commercial areas, such as residential and high-risk areas.

You need to get a location that can help you to advertise your business.

Business plans, for some entrepreneurs, is tedious and takes time. The SBA provided two options for such entrepreneurs.

They provide assistance in helping them with a business plan at a low cost.

One is the Service Core of Retired Executives, (SCORE), whose volunteers ask clients important questions they need, in helping them to write their business plans.

The other one is the Small Business Development Centers. They have the necessary information in their database that helps in the planning process for clients.

Banks will always be ready to grant a loan to business owners, provided that, they will return the capital and interest.

Every business needs a business plan that shows how effective, your business, will be, in paying back the loan.

With a proper business plan, you are sure of obtaining your business loan.