Generating Revenue from Your Startup Idea Before Designing an App

Startup idea - cfamedia

What makes a Startup idea valuable or in great demand in the market? The basis of this depends on the validity of the products or services you intend rendering to end users in the market.

Whatever your business model or innovation is projecting; you must not deny yourself that, making revenue is one of the major reasons why you want to be in business in the first place. After all, what is the essence of your idea that can create disruption in the market, if this will not translate into cash to motivate you?

Sometimes, as an entrepreneur, you do not have to over-spend on the idea of your product because your potential customers can get some work done without the use of a certain form of technology.

That is why, defining a version of your product, with sufficient value is key to disruption in the market. This makes you justify the value you are giving, as it solves a seeming challenge.

Before you design your software application, you can generate revenue from your Startup idea by identifying alternative ways to get the job done at a highly significant level, by leveraging existing tools in technology.

Consider that the software applications we use today to solve problems were not always there. The question we should ask ourselves, is how were these jobs done before those apps were developed? The jobs to be done have not changed a bit, but innovation for transformation has to change a whole lot of things.

If your Startup idea has, therefore, created an app today for disruption, how do you determine what users tend to benefit from your app?

What job is to be done?
Having your ideal customer in mind is what will enhance you in designing solutions that users will have the will to pay for, even, if you do not have an app yet. Let us consider the case of the American based food-on-demand application, DoorDash.

The Startup delivers food at the doorsteps of their users with convenience. They simply used vehicles and mobile phones for the delivery but got the app designed later.

Undoubtedly, the design of an app poses to be the most expensive aspect of the project. The software itself is not the big deal, as the software does not self-build. What is important here, is the human mind and capital that will build the application.

Get The Job Done
Rather than coming up with the task of building an application, get your mindset on designing solutions that spring from scarcity that you have identified, through a sample from your potential users.

What is your Minimum Viable Product, (MVP), which can make you get the work done? Let your plan have a strategy that is so sufficiently viable, such that potential customers would be craving for it.

Gradual Automation
Nobody builds a Startup without having the mind of having it to scale. Manually getting things done can assist in getting cost cut to some significant level, however, automation by technology is a necessary ingredient for the Startup to grow, but how soon will you implement this?

It depends on some factors, but as long as you can easily combine your manual process with automation, then, you stand the chance of minimizing risk.

This approach seems simple to apply in scaling Startup ideas, but with this approach, you have the leverage to combine different approaches for your Startup idea.

To create revenue from Startup idea before designing an app is an approach recommended for Startup Founders because it is better to build a product that will scale with respect to demand.