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Founders Meet Mentors, As First Cohort Of Founder Institute Sets To Commence

With the Founder Institute, FI, Lagos first cohort, set to commence in about a week from now, an event, bringing the Founders, that are gearing up to join the class and Mentors together, was organized at the premises of GoDoHub, 53, Oladipo Bateye Street, GRA, Ikeja, Lagos.

It was an awesome sight to behold, as the Founders were able to familiarize and relate with Mentors.

Founder Institute - cfamedia

It was also, a night of networking among the Founders, with a view to synergising.

Founder Institute - cfamedia

The events was anchored by Ayowande Adalemo CEO, Wave3 Wireless, who also doubles as one of the Directors of Founder Institute, after welcoming everyone, shared a brief introduction of what Founder Institute is all about and what Founders will gain by joining the cohort.

FI is the world’s largest Startup pre-incubation program, that is designed to help entrepreneurs with Startup ideas, at a very early stage, with funding and mentorship.

At Founder Institute, your business idea does not really matter. What really matters, is your ability and character, as an entrepreneur.

FI has a proven methodology and a rugged curriculum, that will shake, discipline, test and help Founders to gain traction and ultimately make their idea/Startup, more market ready.

“Founders will be practically taught, on how to grow their Startups geometrically, till it is set to scale and as, an FI graduate, you will meet up with people who are willing to help you succeed anywhere you go in the world”, stressed Ayowande.

Also speaking at the meet up, is Chukwuemeka Fred Agbata Jnr., Co-Founder, GoDoHub & Presenter, Tech Trends on Channels TV, who talked about the target audience that the Founder Institute.

“The primary set of people that the Founder institute is targeting are, working class people who are looking to transcend into entrepreneurs” Chukwuemeka stated.

If at any point in time, a Founder repeatedly fails a task, he/she will be given a harder task to accomplish and if this task could not also be accomplished, the Founder will be advised to withdraw from the program.

The Lagos 2019 semester admission deadline is Sunday, June 2, 2019. The cohort takes place weekly, from Tuesday, June 6, 2019, until Tuesday, September 17, 2019.