Founder Institute, Lagos Week 5; Branding And Design

In the 2014 epic movie “Troy”, after Achilles had dispatched an enemy soldier, with just one swing of his sword, he looked and pointed his sword at the enemy’s vast army and shouted: “Is there no one else!”…

This analogy, described perfectly, how the mentors handled the founders, at the Founder Institute Class, Week 5, on Friday, July 12, 2019.

It is, either, you fight, or, be cast off. No mercy and no cajoling in the Founder Institute.

Week 5 of the class witnessed the founders, being taught how best to compose and pitch, in 5 minutes, to get funded and also how to brand and design their businesses.

Founders were taught the basic art of pitching to investors, who will only give them 60 seconds of their time and if they cannot sell to them what they are pitching them, (investors), then, the investors will brush them aside.

Mentors for the day were, Tunji Abioye, CEO, Fuel Communications Limited, Oluyomi Ojo, Co-Founder / CEO, Printivo, Aimuan Ogboghodor, Co-Founder, Space Guerilla, Emilia Asim-Ita, Founder & Practice Director, AML, Atul Kshetry, Managing Director, Hoesch Pipe Mills (Nig) Ltd.

Tunji Abioye, talked about Marketing & Positioning options, for brands. “Haven established what a brand is and is not, it is imperative that, in deciding what your brand should be, the market and the brand, should be most crucial, in the positioning of the brands”, he explained.

Oluyomi Ojo, talked about, “Creating Remarkable Start-up Brands”. “Your brand, is the “identity” of your company; by giving you a voice, a personality and a distinct image, it helps to differentiate you, from all the other start-ups, struggling to earn attention, in a saturated marketplace”, he stressed.

Emilia Asim-Ita, Founder & Practice Director, AML, “Branding is the experience that lives, at the point where promise meets expectation”, Emilia Asim-Ita opined.

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Atul Kshetry, talked about “How Relevant is Branding For A Start-up”. He outlined the steps to take, before thinking about branding businesses, with the illustration of a pyramid diagram.

The first step is, “Identity”, followed by “Trust”, “Value”, “Marketing”, “Logo”, “Design” and finally, “Branding”.

Aimuan Ogboghodor, talked about the “Guerilla Approach To Branding” and he outlined five, (5), steps in developing a memorable brand. These steps are as follows:

  • Research your target audience and competition.
  • Pick your brand personality.
  • Choose a great brand name.
  • Develop a memorable logo.
  • Expand your branding.

The founders really had a great time, learning from these mentors, who gave their best, to put them through, on the right track, in running successful businesses.

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