Founder Institute Lagos Holds Startup Legal Session

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Stanbic IBTC Founder Institute Lagos in keeping up with the tradition of continuously adding value to the ecosystem presents Startup Legal – a session with experienced legal experts passionate about startups and enterprise development in general.

Join Sandra Oyewole, Partner, Olajide Oyewole LLP; Chinwike Ezebube, Lawyer, Tochukwu Onwugbufor & Co (SAN) & Timi Olagunju; Senior Consultant, Grounds Consulting at the 2020 Startup Legal Session which comes up by 5 pm on Thursday, January 23, 2020, at NG Hub, Yaba. Grab a seat here.

In this session, participants will learn the basics of setting up a Limited Liability Company.

The concept of shareholding, company membership and directors.

They will learn about various types of incorporation and how it creates a juristic personality that is different from the founders.

The session will also explore the concept, role and dynamics of a co-founding relationship.

The type of relationship that exists between cofounders and how best to structure a co-founding agreement, taking into cognizance such concepts as vesting arrangements and majority shareholding.

Participants will be taken through a crash course on Intellectual Property and the different classes of intellectual property rights that exist, when and how to apply them.

Plus, learn how to ensure they secure ownership rights for their inventions and technology products

Regional Director, Founder Institute, Chukwuemeka Fred Agbata Jnr. shares more on how this legal session will add value to the Ecosystem.

“Founder Institute has a global tradition of value, which simply means lookout for the good of the entire ecosystem, irrespective of affiliation or relationship.

FI Lagos is not any different, we want the entire ecosystem to benefit from this session regardless of whether or not they are part of the global FI family”. He concluded.

A grasp of various Legal matters will help founders to ensure that they are not labouring in vain for third parties.

The session will highlight the different agreements that are necessary for startups to properly regulate their business relationships across a wide range of interests.

Ranging from Non-Disclosure and Non-Circumvent Agreements, Shareholders Agreement, Software Licensing Agreements, Intellectual Property Assignment Agreements, Terms of Use, Employment Contracts (distinguishing between a Contract of Service and a Contract for Services), etc.

Finally, participants will learn the different taxes that apply for their business. The session will explore the concepts of Tax Avoidance and Evasion as well as explore existing tax incentives that apply to their businesses.

Startups should remember, that it is NOT advisable to launch their enterprise or go into partnerships WITHOUT some form of legal counsel and this is precisely what Founder Institute is offering to them at this session completely free of charge. Register to attend!

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