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Founder Institute, Lagos: Heat Turned Up, As First Cohort Holds Third Session

The Founder Institute, Lagos, First Cohort, held its third session on the evening of Friday, June 28, 2019 and the heat is now being turned up and it is never going to go down again.

Founder Institute - cfamedia

Founders paying rapt attention at the session

During the session, emotions were thrown out the window, while facts, figures and feasibility are gradually, being ingrained into the minds of the Founders, by the astute Mentors.

The third class session, witnessed some initial business ideas of some Founders, being jettisoned and new business ideas and models springing up.

There are only two options; it is, either, you pass the task given to you and progress to the next stage, or, fail and be asked to withdraw. That is, how it is and there is no emotion attached to it.

Founder Institute Lagos, is about grinding that, “never say never entrepreneurship”mindset, out of the Founders and it will never settle for less.

Present during the class session yesterday, were 3 Mentors; Emilia Asim Ita – Founder & Practice Director, AML, Jean Marc Ricca, Managing Director, BASF West Africa and Atul Kshetry, Managing Director, Hoesch Pipe Mills (Nig) Ltd.

L-R (Mentors): Jean Marc Ricca, Atul Kshetry, and Emilia Asim Ita

Founders were asked to pitch their business ideas to the Mentors, who rated them, after which, they took their time, to coach the Founders.

Founder Institiute - cfamedia

During one of the pitch session

Jean Marc Ricca, Managing Director, BASF West Africa, was the first speaker and he spoke on how to talk to customers.

He stressed the need, for Founders, to know who their customers are and how to reach and deliver efficient service to them.

“Accessing an unbiased opinion, is vital, to assess customer loyalty and implement actionable feedback”, he stressed.

The second speaker was Atul Kshetry, Managing Director, Hoesch Pipe Mills (Nig) Ltd, talked about “Developing customers”.

He stressed the need for Founders, to start finding a way to compile, all their client’s data, in one place because, as their company grows, there is a high probability that they, will have data scattered around, as it may prove to be challenging, when it comes to tracking down clients.

“Trouble is, most companies consider recording data, as CRM itself. The focus is, often, on upward reporting, statistics, standard work flow”, stated Atul Kshetry.

The third speaker, Emilia Asim Ita, Founder & Practice Director at AML, spoke on how to deal with big ego customers.

For her, understanding how customers think and how to address them, matters a lot, in getting customers to keep coming for what you offer.

She implored the Founders, to, ensure that their customers feel settled and give them, real values, for what they may have ordered.

At the end of the class, the Founders were exposed and taught on alternative ways of handling customers.

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