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How to Fix Insufficient Internal Memory Problems in Android Phones

This particular issue is very annoying. Somehow it always pops up when I am trying to install an essential app or collecting files from someone.

What I used to do was to go to Playstore and download apps that promise to boost my phone memory, save me some storage space and remove junks. Sadly, this never works.

What Causes this Problem?

There are quite some factors that lead to this problem. They are junks that just decide to take lodge on your phone. They are like parasites because they are of no use. They are only there to take up space.

You also have the pre-installed apps on your phone that you don’t use also using up space. Even when apps are uninstalled, they leave behind junks.

How to Fix the Low Memory Problem

One method I have found useful is by use of the SD Maid. This can be downloaded from online.

Please note that for this to work, your phone has to be rooted.

First Step:

After installing, launch the app.

Second step

Click on the ‘scan,’ tab, green in color. This is to allow the app scan your phone. Grant permission when it pops up.

This starts the scanning. It takes some while so chill. After scanning, the results will show all the junks that are taking up your internal memory.

Third Step

Cleaning time! After the scan, a green tab, which is the ‘Clean’, will show up. Click on it to clear all the junks.

This will clear all the junks and save you a lot of space.

Please remember to do this from time to time.

Now, most phone users do not like rooting their phones. The thing is rooting a phone removes the manufacturers’ restrictions. Like the pre-installed apps can’t be removed without rooting your phone.

Did this fix the low internal memory problem of your android phone? If not how can we help?