Fintech Startup? Apply these Growth Hack Tips for Traction

Fintech startup - cfamedia
Credit: Flickr

The constraint of budget and lack of resources to gather a robust in-house marketing team have always been a major setback for many Startups.

Considering Startups in the financial services, known as Fintechs, this lack, often makes them struggle for market visibility.

A quite dependable way for Fintech Startups to increase their revenue, without necessarily breaking the bank, is to apply growth hacks.

Growth hacking is the new formula that Startups and small businesses are embracing these days, to grow their company, get a hand on a number of new users and increase their revenue.

For a Fintech Startup to gain traction, it would have to focus on a factor that can work for them, which is content.

Content is king, as the popular phrase goes. With the infusion of content marketing into what you have, you already own an invaluable tool that you can leverage on.

With a well mapped out content marketing plan, you create an avenue for potential users to trust your venture; hence you create credibility for yourself.

The keyword connection

Nothing matters more, to the content marketing effort that your Fintech Startup is trying to apply than having a data-driven strategy.

Clarity should be stated for your goals and objectives, with the inclusion of SEO on your strategy.

A key factor to your SEO strategy is the keyword connection you build around it.

Having a keyword research checklist is important because it will improve your organic search.

Your main keywords should be mapped to important pages on your site while focusing on the long tail keyword for your blog posts.

It should be emphasized that some art is required to get the SEO done for greater optimization; however, one should not be carried away by the art, while neglecting the actual information that would make your content to be compelling for clicks.

Keywords are important, but making the right connections is key too, for the visibility of your Startup that would lead to traction.


Boosting the impression on your search is enhanced by the creation of more content.

The more content you push out there, the more visible your Fintech Startup becomes, to the online world.

You do this by maintaining your blog. Regular publishing of valuable content should be your watchword.

Blogging might appear as that thing anybody having access to the internet can do.

This is true, but what blogging does for your Startup is quite invaluable.

It positions you as a brand and gives you the place of a thought leader in the Fintech industry.

Remember that you have multiple formats for your media that you can explore, so, you do not have to bother about explaining those complex jargons.

Using a text format, you can always stick with a video.

Considerable traffic is generated from video content alone, year in, year out.

A great way of getting your users to have a grasp of your product or service is by creating a “How-To-Video”


Your ROI depends on what efforts you have put into your website, through organic search and paid search.

You tend to gain more traffic through an organic search for your Fintech Startup.

You create more content, improve click-through rates, optimize for search and quality landing pages.

These will help in increasing search impression while improving sales conversion and average order value.