Fero Pace 2 Review: A Good Device Beyond Being Affordable.

Fero Pace 2 Review: A Good Device Beyond Being Affordable.
Fero Mobile is yet to nosedive when it comes to the design of its smartphones; the Pace 2 device wasn’t different.
The Pace 2 is just many miles away from its predecessor (Fero Pace). Of course, there is a better and sleeker design; better interface, better cameras and nicer features. For the past one week, I have been using the device. Generally, no smartphone can be perfect. So, I never expected it to have everything. But, beyond being a good device, the affordability is mouth-watering.
Like I said, I have been using the Pace 2 device for the past one week. I have meticulously observed its pros and cons which I have listed below. You have to decide what works for you and what doesn’t.


It’s usually rare to see any tech writer start writing a review with the battery as the first subheading. I did so because I was particularly impressed with the battery performance. When I say impressed, I mean very impressed. The battery on the Fero Pace 2 is packed is 4000mAh, a super impressive Li-Poly non-removable battery. The bad news is that I didn’t notice any fast charge technology. It takes much time to charge.
First Use and Charge – When I turned it on, the battery was 47% as at 7.09AM. I used it slightly for 3 hours. I downloaded some videos, streamed video on YouTube, recorded some sounds, and took some selfies. After all that, the battery life had 38% left. I charged (38% percent left) it for 1.15mins hour; it had 90% battery afterward.
Second Use and Charge – I started using the remaining 90% as at 10.10AM. I played games, streamed video online, played music etc. And I drained the battery by 11.31pm. After which I charged the device for 2.30hrs (Full Charge).
In synopsis, the battery life is one of the strong unique selling points for the device. If you are looking for a device that has a good battery life, the Pace 2 is what you need.

Design and Display

I mentioned earlier that Fero Mobile hasn’t failed when it comes to design. The Pace 2 device has a sleek and good design. Although, slightly weighted but actually gives me a perfect fitting while holding it. A 5.5-inch screen size isn’t bad for a viewing experience. Although, most manufacturers now give much preference to a 6.0-inch screen size. With an IPS screen display, streaming the recent Chelsea/Liverpool online was pleasant to the eyes. The IPS screen is similar to the Gorilla screen. It is transparent; strong and could withstand pressure.

Fero Pace 2 Review: A Good Device Beyond Being Affordable.

Interestingly, Fero Mobile promised to replace broken screens of Pace 2 users, in as much as the device is under warranty.
I will not forget to mention its High Definition (720 by 1280) screen resolution. It has an embellishment of colors which heightens the viewing experience. This may not be perfect but it’s a good gamble for Fero Mobile.

Security (Fingerprint)

FERO Pace 2

In terms of security, there isn’t any significant difference compared to other devices. Aside from PIN, Password, Patterns, Pace 2 has a fingerprint technology which is an added layer of security. I could easily unlock the device with a slight touch on the back where the fingerprint technology is built. I am not a fan of a fingerprint technology. However, the Pace 2 device fingerprint instantly recognizes your finger on a single touch as long as you have registered your finger.


Obviously, the majority will be looking out for the capabilities of the camera. I wasn’t disappointed with the camera at all.  A smart device packed with 13AMP (Front Camera with LED Flash) and 13AMP (Back Camera) for about N35, 000 is worth an investment. I was able to capture good moments with the device.
The camera has face detection, autofocus, and other exciting features to spice up the beauty of an image captured. You could set it up to suit your fancy. Just like I did after taking this nice shot with my industry mentor.

FERO Pace 2

If you are not photogenic like me, you may not need to bother so much. This is simply because the camera almost has all it takes to churn-out that beauty in you. Almost all Nigerians have editing Apps installed on their device. I would be exaggerating if I say you don’t need an editing App. You need one. At least that helps you to fade out black spots if you have them on your face.  However, the picture quality is a feature to write good about.

FERO Pace 2

Storage and Performance                     

Fero Pace 2 is packed with 2GB + 16GB expandable to 64GB. The general performance and response time on a single tab wasn’t disappointing. This probably because the device has a processor (Quad core) of 64 bit, powered by a Mediatek type of processor (1.3 GHz Cortex -47). Although 2GB RAM, there is still space left for performances after the device system used up some spaces. You could multi-task. For instance, you can decide to play a video as you chat on social media simultaneously.

 Call and Sound

I played some music, made a few calls and even video calls after installing the WhatsApp App on the device. The sound system is almost the same as the Royal X2 device. It was clear enough but much people wouldn’t bother with the sound quality I guess. Having a smartphone that sounds like a toy while playing music isn’t cool at all.  Good news! the device was far from that.

Charging Port

FERO Pace 2

The charging port is found at top of the smartphone. Fero Mobile may have been looking for something different from the ordinary. However, I would have loved to see the charging port at the bottom of the device just like some other devices.

User Interface

FERO Pace 2

The user interface has a beautiful layout which suits my fancy. When the device is turned on, you are able to view Fero customized letters at a glance. I bet you, it will appeal to you even before viewing the Pace 2 interface.  You could only scroll from upwards or downwards, instead of flipping from left to right.  I prefer scrolling the interface to flipping. It’s much easier for me.

My Judgement

I would consider the Pace 2 device as a good investment considering the price. I noticed a mammoth difference between Pace 2 and its predecessor.
In spite some of its features; I would have loved to see a home button and 4G enabled device. Not having 4G enabled feature might be pardonable because we are still trailing when it comes to connectivity. We are yet to fully hit the 4G era. But, for me, the absence of a home button was a colossal mistake.