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Facebook to Shut Down Its Group Stories Feature This Week

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Facebook plans to, automatically, terminate its Group Stories Feature, come Thursday, September 26, 2019.

The giant social network stated on Friday that, it will remove a feature that allows members and administrators of Facebook network groups, to post pictures and videos that disappears within 24 hours

The group story feature was made available, across the world, sometime in December 2018.

From Thursday, September 26, 2019, Facebook plans to remove, all existing group stories and permanently, disable any posting of such, going forward.

“We’re sun-setting group stories because, we want to make sure that, features in groups, enable people to connect, in fun and useful ways and we’re always looking at ways, to improve the overall experience, for communities on Facebook”, stated a spokesman of Facebook.

Users will, however, still be enabled, to post content, via their personal profile.

Over 1 billion users, on the social network, use the group feature every month. Facebook groups, allow users, with common interests, to gather and chat.

The social network did not, however, give the number of users, on the group stories features that will soon cease to exist.

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