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Facebook News Feed “Dies”, Marketers Brace Up

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As changes continue to be made by the giant tech company, Facebook, it is, also, currently implementing some restructuring, in the cadre of its leaders.

All these to ensure support focused on messaging and privacy.

The Facebook News Feed has been in steady decline for years and it is just a matter of time before it is expected to, finally, go down.

The effect of this development will most likely impact publishers on Facebook News Feed, especially, marketers.

Though the reach of the organic post has suffered a decline over the years, the outrage on the “death” of the News Feed is, however, quite alarming.

Previously, the changes seen on the decline on News Feed, were attributed to changes in the algorithm, but recently, the changes are no longer by algorithm tweaks, but people.

Mark has been making some moves, within the last one year and here are some of the big shots that have left the giant company.

Jan Koum, WhatsApp Cofounder, has left Facebook for a while now. On his Facebook post dated April 30, 2019, he bidded farewell and talked of how his next pursuit, is something off technology.

Chris Daniels, after being recently installed, as the leader of WhatsApp, on the exit of Jan Koum, also, took a bow on March 14, 2019.

Chris Cox, one of the high ranking Executives, has also resigned. After spending 13 years at Facebook, he has left his role as the Chief Product Officer.

A Facebook insider reported that this “was a burn the boat moment — a symbolic point of no return intended to rally the company around a new existential imperative.”

The News Feed has reached the end of its influence, as a Facebook feature. The Verge explained, it “[has] already peaked, or will soon.”

What Impact would this have?
Putting it simply, an impending massive new shift is coming in Facebook’s direction. Messaging will, most likely, reign supreme, as the News Feed would, finally, go down.

At the early stages of Facebook, the News Feed has been part of its important feature.

The question now is, why would Facebook kill off its very important feature? Maybe, we can consider some of these scenarios.

In recent times, the Facebook News Feed has been under some controversial circumstances. Who will not remember the case of the Russian Government, meddling with the last United States elections?

What about the controversy, surrounding the intrusion of privacy and the most recent one; the rise of fake news?

The News Feed is not an organic entity, however, that should be caught up in the blame. It is no longer seen, as performing its intended function, which is the connection and truth propagation.

The ultimate change Facebook claims it requires is, therefore, not the usual algorithm tweaking, but a dead News Feed.

Here are some of the positives that Mark has brought out from the situation:

  • Facebook is set to build out the privacy-focused social platform
  • A clear focus on the apps, centered around making private messaging and stories
  • Building the privacy-focused social foundation
  • Spending many efforts on new products

What does this mean for marketing?
If you are still on the organic Facebook posting, then, the News Feed demise might be a piece of bad news to you, but if you are using the Facebook Messenger marketing, with chatbots, then, you cannot be caught in the web.

Facebook Marketing, is no longer ruled by the News Feed, but by Facebook Messenger marketing, with chatbots.

  • Below, are four tips you can use, as shared by Larry Kim:
  • Start using Facebook Messenger Chatbots Immediately
  • Do not Rely on Organic Facebook Posting Any Longer
  • Aggressively Create and Deploy Messenger Chatbots, to Supplement and Outdo Email Marketing
  • Supercharge Your Facebook Messenger List Building.

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