Facebook Messenger: What the future hold and its importance for your Business

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From the remarks of Mark Zuckerberg, the core of Facebook’s future is Messaging!

According to the CEO of the world’s largest social media platform, Facebook’s vision is to see where people can engage in secure communication, “a privacy-focused messaging and social networking platform.” The messaging appears to be the core of the notable remark.

This is another confirmation that Facebook is on a no-holds-bar mission of making messaging the heart of its operations, in the future, after it’s not a quite long announcement on integrating, Messenger, WhatsApp, and Instagram, on the same social networking platform, for its users.

That is what Zuckerberg announced and you should integrate it, as a key factor, in your marketing journey.

People prefer Facebook Messenger

Users prefer Messenger because its apps are in more use, than most open social media networks. There is this feeling of privacy that engulfs a user when an engagement is on the private message page, rather than on a public post. This has seen more people embrace the medium on a daily basis.

Intimacy is high on private messaging than other channel options and it essentially allows one-one conversations, personalization of communication.

On the other hand, however, the case of focusing on, too much of privacy on an instant messaging system, calls for the fear of privacy intrusion, as this is not new for Facebook, (one of its main challenges)

Users would, basically, prefer making a transition, towards an encrypted and private messaging option.

Taking advantage of Facebook Messenger as a business person indicates that you are where people want you to be and you understand their language.

Facebook has also acknowledged that the messaging platform is on its focus, based on the customer’s preference.

The Facebook hierarchy is creating a working and easy platform, for better messaging, therefore, it is essential that Business persons and marketers, leverage on this new development.

Businesses’ Reach on Messaging Apps Is Poised to Explode

What do you think the result would be for your business, if the integration of the three messaging platforms, eventually, comes to reality?

Marketers would reach out to customers across three different platforms, using the same medium that would create a boom for businesses and give marketers, more options on online marketing, while saving you the stress of reaching them on separate channels. With the integration, you go with a bang!

As the giant social media platform is dedicating its resources, energy and time to messaging, you, as a marketer, should get poised to leverage on its benefit.

Though the integration is not yet a reality, you could start your marketing campaign on Facebook Messenger, by ensuring that your efforts are up to expectations, such that, when the integration finally occurs, you reap its full benefit.

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