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Facebook Launches its ‘news tab’ section with other Publishers

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Beyond the emphasis on personal posts, Facebook has launched a ‘news’ tab today.

More than just socializing the network is offering its users a wider option of news stories across a number of news organizations.

This move would see Facebook return to its news delivery beyond social networking while competing with gaint tech companies like Google.

This is however not a new move as Facebook has been on the talks for a while now.

Sometimes in August, the Wall Street Journal reported that the giant social networking platform had offered to pay $3 million to some news outlets.

This time Facebook has enlisted the USA TODAY, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, , Business Insider and the likes.

In recent times, Facebook alongside other social networks has braced up efforts to fight the spread of unauthenticated news reports after being accused of not addressing the issue.

Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook CEO had appeared on Wednesday this week at testimony before the United States House Committee on Financial Services to give a preview of the announcement.

In response to Facebook’s role to in addressing media literacy, Zuckerberg said “Later in this week we actually have a big announcement coming up on launching a big initiative around news and journalism where we’re partnering with a lot of folks to build a new product that’s supporting high-quality journalism,”

“I think there’s an opportunity within Facebook and our services to build a dedicated surface — a tab within the apps, for example – where people who really want to see high-quality, curated news, not just social content, but from high-quality publishers, could go and consume that content,” Zuckerberg stressed

Facebook has rolled out this section to allow  its users access to content via four distinct sections:

Today’s Stories

This section contains daily updated human-curated pieces


In this section, you see topics that Facebook believes is in your best interest. This section is curated through an algorithm unique to your feed.

Topic sections

This section allows you deeper options into categories ranging from business, tech, entertainment and the likes.

Your subscriptions

Here you will get to see content curated from paid subscription into your feed.

Around last year, the idea to separate news feed into two, one for persona post and the other for news publication was abandoned.

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