The Integration of Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram; What you need to know

Facebook integration - cfamedia
Credit: Search Engine Journal

Recently, Facebook announced its intention to integrate its three major platforms for chats, WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook Messenger. The reason for this Facebook integration is to allow its users a form of cross-communication.

The acquisition of Instagram and WhatsApp in 2012 and 2014 by Facebook, would enhance this merger.

This new Facebook integration, which is still being developed, would enhance the new application to make cross chatting among the three platforms possible. Would that not be fantastic?

What, then, do users stand to enjoy with the potential integration and what does the business world stand to gain from it.

An Alternative to Email Marketing
This new merging will give businesses a platform to reach out to customers with more effectiveness than email marketing campaigns.

The average open rate for marketing emails is within 20% and a click-through rate of less than 3% on the decline and businesses seems not to know how to effectively leverage email marketing to obtain more traction for their market.

This Facebook integration would provide them with direct communication with the audience.

Convenience for Users
The number of users on the three platforms is too large for Facebook not to consider merging them together. Users want a fast means of communication since social networking is all about better user experience.

Facebook considered merging the three platforms to make it user-friendly.

Users want to reach out to their family and friends across all the platforms. Facebook is also working on its end-to-end encryption to make messaging more secure and private.

Opportunity to Reach a Diverse Audience
From all indications, the groups that will receive the greatest benefits from this integration are the business owners. This Facebook Integration will see over 2 billion users on the platform.

What better way can a business reach out to its diverse customers with one app integration.

Just imagine what you would be able to achieve as a business owner with this kind of a number of wide audiences and new customers.

WeChat to have a Rival
Facebook has got its own competition when it comes to messaging. One name that comes to mind is WeChat.

Currently, WeChat has a large number in China, not forgetting that China’s population is significant in the demography of the world population.

This Facebook integration would rival WeChat’s dominance in the messaging app platform.

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