EZ-farming, Nigerian Agritech Startup, staking its claim in Investment

EZ-farming - cfamedia
Credit: Uncova

Nigerian Agritech Startup, EZ-farming, recently mentioned that its strategic model is moving the small scaled farmers into the path of commercial-sized farming ventures. The Startup also stated its unrelenting efforts in equipping the next generation of young farmers.

With the implosion of the Agritech space in Africa, the Startup has pledged high return on investment, (ROI), open new opportunities for investment in the industry and providing insurance packages for farmers within its grip.

EZ-farming - cfamedia

The Startup with its focus on commercial farming is aiming to be the best Agritech platform for investors, as it claimed that, it would offer the highest ROI.

Recently, the Startup bagged the champion’s prize and the People’s Choice Award, at the 2019 Georgetown African Business Conference New Venture Competition. The challenge was hosted by the Young African Professionals at Georgetown University, USA. The award is in recognition of what the Startup is bringing to the business aspect of Agriculture.

Adewale Oparinde, Founder of EZ-farming did not hide his excitement about the award, as he remarked that, the feat is a recognition of the input by the Startup, in investment, as far as the Nigerian agricultural sector is concerned.

“We are delighted to have won the contest here in Washington DC. It is our first outing, after several months of inventing our business model, to meet the demands and dynamics of the market. We took our time, since 2015, to conduct thorough research in designing our business model”, he stressed.

In the Agritech space, it is not just about designing an application, or, building a website to connect farmers to sponsors because of the disposition to a proposition, but the effectiveness of such apps is in the comprehension of the technicalities involved in making them work for the agricultural space.

EZ-farming - cfamedia

Adewale stressed the experience of its team members in the Agritech space and how important they are set up, to build a sustainable business that investors can trust. He further stated the challenges faced by transfer of knowledge base by senior citizens, to the young and energetic farmers.

EZ-farming intends to create a platform that connects the old and young farmers, to establish the next generation of farmers having the current digital skills combined with experience.

EZ-farming - cfamedia

According to the Founder, EZ-farming is the first Agritech platform that uses crowdfunding to enlarge small scale farmers into commercial farming, while making a connection for unemployed youths, through internship and funds to start their own farms.