Eyowo, What You Have to Know About Its Retail/Business Services

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Eyowo creates a customisable professional invoice, track and updates payment on the invoice as well as eliminating errors in the payroll system.

The Integrated Payment System recently launched its Retail and Business workshop series with plans to drive growth and ease of business operations.

Here are other details that you should know about the services from the recent workshop

Tara Ben-Adeola, Marketing Manager, Eyowo, spoke on why the platform decided to create a unique identity that gives retailers access to their payment process on the dashboard.

The dashboard allows managers and finance persons to monitor the payment process seamlessly.

Tara Ben-Adeola, Marketing Manager, Eyowo

According to Tara, the platform makes it possible to receive inventory, in the process eliminating too many payment processes while putting all of them in one device (Eyowo POS).

“In addition to the Eyowo user services, the Eyowo for Retail and Business provides the business owners with the opportunity to monitor their finances, and make informed decisions” noted Tara

Also speaking on the business side of the service, Tara noted that the basic finance in an organisation is receiving payments, paying out, payroll of staff members, taxes and pensions.

“How many people monitor their business and put it one scale”, with Eyowo you get it done in just one system.

The platform also allows its users to perform transactions, savings and loan acquisition.

Kemi Adene, Lead Retail Consultant, Eyowo, explaining how the platform for retail notes that most ventures fail to consider the customer Relationship management of their users.

Kemi Adene, Lead Retail Consultant, Eyowo

The business may even have a loyal customer but because it doesn’t capture its customers’ details, it fails to offer rewards for loyalty.

This gap is what Eyowo Retails wants to eliminate. Imagine one system that can take inventory, makes payment immediately and records personal details.

“This builds customer retention and loyalty, from inventory to payment then customers details. Your business can make informed decisions.” Kemi noted

On how Eyowo would affect the economy, Kemi said that if retailers have more funds available to them, they can cut down the monopoly of wholesalers and influence the market with their varying degree of prices.

With the platform, businesses can make decisions that can cater to the need of consumers.

Ope Adeyemi, Product Developments and Partnerships mentioned that there are more phone numbers in Nigeria than bank accounts (40 million) and it is on this Eyowo that built its system.

Ope Adeyemi, Product Developments and Partnerships, Eyowo

“Everything you can do with a mobile banking app, you can do with your mobile phone number”, services ranging from USSD, web services, interactive voice response.

Eyowo offers a 17% interest rate per annum on a Fixed deposit and also allows you to create a dollar card for making an international payment.

“What we have basically done is to build a platform that can support the business to ensure financial success”, Ope concluded.

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