Exploring Other Activities Of Remita Beyond Facilitating TSA

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No doubt that Remita is fast turning to a household name, as Africa’s most preferred, leading payment platform, as numbers have shown that, it has millions of users, registered on it, with thousands of organisations attached, to its payment system.

Its impact, in the payment distribution, has earned it a role, as a major stakeholder, in the payment gateway that facilitates, the Federal Government of Nigeria’s Treasury Single Account, (TSA).

Beyond its large scale service with the government, Remita serves the day to day activities, of its teeming users, in executing various forms of payments.

As a user, intending to utilise Remita for personal or, business purposes, you have a wide option, to enable the platform to be of benefit to you, in the seamless execution, of your financial transactions.

Tax Payment

Remita - cfamedia

Logging onto, by the right side of the homepage, click on the, “Do More” button.

This directs you, to another page, where you will find the “Pay Taxes” button.

This, then, takes you to Remita’s external Federal Internal Revenue Service, (FIRS), portal, where you can proceed to make your various tax payments.

Salary Payment

Remita - cfamedia

Log on to the remita’s site. Once there, you click on the, “Do More” button and proceed to click on the “Pay Salaries” button, which directs you to Remita’s upload bulk payment portal.

On the portal, before putting in details, you can tap on the “Click Here” button, to generate a sample upload file and also the “View Bank Codes” button.

Pension Payment

Log on to the Remita’s site. Click on the, “Do More” button and proceed to click on the “Upload Pension Schedule”, which directs you, to a page, with “Pay a biller” as the header.

Put in the necessary details, select your preferred payment option and submit your request.

Pension Contribution

Log on to the Remita site and click on the “Do More” button.

After clicking the “Do More” button, go ahead to tap the “Upload NHF Schedule”, which directs you to the upload payments portal for pension contributors to the Pension Funds Administrator, (PFAs).

Input your details and proceed to make payments.

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