Exploring Opportunities From Crisis

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Turning a crisis, into an opportunity, often times, requires taking a drift from the traditional thought process.

This might solve the inherent problems, but there always exists an underlying factor that needs addressing, as the solution presented, may appear to be insufficient.

Below are some steps that have been identified, to win over, in a crisis situation:

Define It
A crisis situation, irrespective of how it appears, should not be underestimated.

That is why it is crucial, to recognize it in the first instance, however, the use of the phrase, “crisis”, should not be taken casually, in the sense that, if everything is seen as a crisis, then, there is no specific situation that can be termed as such.

Such a line of thought, can lead to burnout.

A crisis that grows gradually, over a long period, requires to be looked at, critically, by studying the cause, before it can be labeled as a crisis.

Ask Basic Questions
By the time the situation is gradually unfolding, it is good that you comprehend its nature and process.

Does it follow a linear path, or, a cycle that can be broken? In some situations, there can be policies, which could possibly be halted, to stem the situation.

Do you have the right people working on the crisis and are they equipped with the right information? These basic questions need to be asked.

Reframe The Problem
Considering an issue, from different angles, gives you the leeway, to turn a crisis into an opportunity.

By reframing the situation, you are, probably, opening the very tiny hole, to view more of the problem, which, in turn, gives you more latitude to proffer a solution.

Allow Failure
Sometimes, you need to embark on a number of trial and error, in an effort to, finally, lay a hand on any feasible solution.

You would have discovered that, people are willing, to proffer solutions from different perspectives, to resolve issues, provided they will not be penalized for daring to take the risks.

This is often done, when all other available options are exhausted.

Manage The Narrative
Leaders ought to be equipped to go beyond the “management” of a crisis.

They should be able to lead their team out of the situation. When there is distrust, further situation could emerge, within a crisis.

Trust and business-like qualities, are required, to determine the capabilities of a leader, as a better leadership capacity, provides more ways, to explore innovative opportunities.