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Experts say Wifi is Harmful; Tips You Need to be Safe

Experts say Wifi is Harmful; Tips You Need to be Safe

We are all living in a modern world where everything is just all about technology. A good percentage of people around the globe is connected. We receive wifi signals in our homes and offices once in a while, if not every day.

The truth is that connecting to a wifi signal is not as good as you think, it has some health implications. Most of us just prefer to use wifi instead of cable; you can never tell if these devices are safe for us to use. However, it is just good, and health wise for some of these smartphone makers to strictly adhere to certain rules and instructions. Yes, we need smartphones, but we need a total guarantee that using these devices by connecting to wifi shouldn’t have any side effect.

How Wifi Is Harmful To Your Health

I am sure you have not thought about this before, is wifi detrimental to the body system. If yes, how come? Let me explain and back it up with research carried out in the United Kingdom.

When your devices are connected online, it means your device either laptop or smartphone uses a router. Meanwhile, each time you are connected, your router emits electromagnetic waves which are known as the WLAN signals, these signals are harmful, studies have shown.

This information could sound incredible, and I urge you not to doubt these facts, these messages are negative. In a survey carried out in by a group of experts at the British Health Agency, they discovered how routers from our connected devices have a harmful effect on human.

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Experts say Wifi is Harmful; Tips You Need to be Safe

Consequences Of Wifi Exposure according to British Health Agency findings

You will be prone to a frequent headache
You will observe some pain inside your ear
You start lacking concentration
Sleepless night

Interestingly, you have been armed with the information about routers and signals and how harmful they could be to our health. That doesn’t t mean you will not make use of the internet or get connected. I have some tips that will go a long way to help you avert these harmful effects.

Tips to be Safe

Replace your home wireless smartphones with cables
Turn off your wifi when not in use
Before going to bed make sure all your devices are disconnected
Avoid placing your router in the kitchen where it could be easily exposed to fire