Experts Discussed 5 Tech Expectations For 2020 And Beyond

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As compared to ten years ago, there would be much of a difference, in what we have seen, in the world of technology.

According to some experts and executives, in the tech industries, these are the tech expectations in trends, for the new decade, we just started.

Wearables powered by Biometric data

Sarah Hill, the CEO and Chief Storyteller of Healium

The rise of virtual and augmented realities, as well as, the power of 5G, will ensure real-time capture of biometric data, acquired from wearables.

Soonest, people would be able to use their brainwaves and heart rate, as inputs, to control advanced computing.

Meditation, as we know, has been a closed-eye experience, practiced with the eyes and ears closed.

Today, virtual and augmented reality, has changed the narrative. Now, meditation is possible, by mere opened-eye experience.

You can now feel some spatial environment, from the data gathered, from a smartwatch.

The heart rate and brain waves, act as a remote control that, powers these augmented and virtual experiences.

With positive thoughts, you can watch how your brain patterns, affect the scene you are, in both virtual and augmented experiences.

More demand for privacy by Consumers

Thibaud Clement, Co-founder and CEO of Loomly

Concerning the issue of consumer privacy, businesses would be affected, in two ways.

Internet users would continue to receive increased sensitivity, to the way their data is gathered and used.

Moving forward, there would be more cloud-based solutions that offer features that, are more privacy-related, to assist businesses, in optimizing their performance process.

This would, also, be done in full compliance, with the requirements of the law and fair practices.

Avoiding advanced recession

James Garvey, CEO of Self Financial, Inc

Over the years, the recession has greatly affected families, most especially, in an economy, with not many jobs, less income and layoffs.

Families, nowadays, use credit to make up, for their daily expenses.

With no improvements, in circumstances, credit options would, gradually, be limited and this will see an increase, in the cost of borrowing.

This appears now to be preventable, as preventive measures, for a possible 2020 recession has been put in place.

Credit-building fintech applications, to boost credit scores, in advance.

Artificial Intelligence, AI, will offer more leverage for publishers

Trevor Kaufman, CEO of Piano

With publishers, struggling with how to monetize their content, since the inception of the internet.

In this new decade, major changes, in the way publishers maximise technology, to create a seamless relationship, with their readers.

Publishers will now go, for the use of AI and machine learning, to determine their reader’s interest, with respect to the content they prefer.

More investment in quantum tech

Anis Uzzaman, CEO of Pegasus Tech Ventures

Quantum technology has a great propensity, for driving advances, in artificial intelligence.

Investment opportunities, in the hardware, maybe in their later stages, but a wider investment opportunity, would be springing up from technologies that will emerge, from hardware platforms.

Technology, at this point, has gathered much momentum, for investors to consider.

China, a leading country, in quantum computing, asides the United States is, making some serious investments, on different sides of quantum technology.

In the next few years, a range of companies, in different industries, would look to integrate quantum.

Are there any other tech expectations you are anticipating, let us know in the comment section below.

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