Expectations on Android 11 After Much Speculations

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After much speculations about the release date of the Android 11 version, Google released the first developer preview of Android 11 which has been made available for developers to download and test run.

However, the Android 11’s first developer preview was released earlier than Google’s regular release timetable.

The Android 11 is a major upgrade from the Android 10, and it comes with awesome features that will further enhance foldable phones and screen types, new camera capabilities, privacy-centric tools, convenient app behaviour, 5G-related improvements, etc.

Google has also revealed a time frame that entails all the builds will be slowly rolled out till it finally gets stable for release.

A preview 1 for  Android 11 Developer already happened this February

Here is the scheduled time frame that the Android 11 builds will be released as revealed by Google

  • Developer Preview 2: March
  • Developer Preview 3: April
  • Beta 1: May
  • Beta 2: June
  • Beta 3: Q3 2020
  • final build: Q3 2020

According to Google, system images and GSI files for the first Android 11 Developer Preview are now available to download for the Pixel 4, Pixel 3a, Pixel 3, and the Pixel 2.

However, Google has stated that the preview build is for now, only for developers and regular users can’t handle it but the beta testing will soon be opened and regular Android users on an invitational basis and enrolments will have the opportunity of testing it.

The Android 11 now offers developers the ability to optimize their apps to let them use the curved regions for creating significant interactions.

There is also now a section dedicated to conversations in the notifications shade where users can track and find their ongoing conversations across all apps.

Android 11 also comes with the Bubbles API on notifications, which allows users to see chat bubbles thereby enabling easy conversations in view while multi-tasking.

Furthermore, the Android 11 comes with a one-time permission feature that lets users grant temporary permissions to apps for accessing their location, mic, or camera.

Google’s mobile OS (new version) also expands biometrics compatibility and adds platform support for securely storing and retrieving verifiable IDs like driving license and more such documents.

Users can also use new APIs to mute ringtones and vibrations for alarms or notifications while using the phone’s camera.

For connectivity, the Android 11 call screening is definitely a big upgrade from the previous version as Wi-Fi API is more enhanced, with more scope for 5G-related improvements.

Google confirmed that it has added a new API to let users check whether a connection is unmetered so that the quality of streaming content and resolution can be increased.

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