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ESET Partners With Airtel Nigeria To Launch Cyber-Security Solution

Olufemi Oke, Country Manager ESET Global for Nigeria and Ghana speaking at the product launch. Photo by Mustapha Rufai for

With over 10 Million downloads on the Google Play Store, ESET in partnership with Airtel-Nigeria has introduced its mobile cyber-security product to the Nigerian market. The parent company of ESET Nigeria is based in Slovakia and it has been protecting millions of devices – including phones, desktops and enterprise systems – across the world since 1992. This is the first time the company will be partnering with a telecommunications company to launch its mobile solution in any African market.

“The world is a global village,” Dr. Yele Okeremi, chief executive officer, Precise Financial Systems, an indigenous financial IT services company, said, as he delivered his speech. “It is now possible for someone to track online purchases of buyers, install a key-logger and steal their banking information, then, use this for fraudulent purposes,” he continued, as he explained the antics of digital fraudsters. He narrated how someone tried to steal his credit card information from South-Africa, when he was on vacation in the United Kingdom. He stated that he became aware of the situation, after his bank sent him an alert from Lagos, Nigeria.

Security is an active and continuous process, which is why solutions like ESET Airtel Edition has been developed to protect the individuals, when they are not expecting to be targeted. The country manager of ESET in Nigeria and Ghana, Olufemi Ake, said “the application works as a service on Android devices.” This means its operations will not have noticeable impact on the battery life of the phone.

The ESET mobile application is currently available to millions of Airtel subscribers. Those who use the service will have 60 days free trial period before being charged on a monthly basis; the payment will be deducted from their credit card balance.