Entrepreneurship Journey; Are The Millennials Built For This Process?

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The millennials are classified as the new generation; the newbies, who happened to be born in the 1980s till date.

These set of people, are generally perceived to be inexperienced about life and the affairs of life.

They are often seen, as the young generation that, have no real time experiences.

It is great to note, how these same millennials, have taken up the passion in business and entrepreneurship and are believed, to be outstandingly innovative.

The likes of Evan Spiegel and Mark Zuckerberg, are proof of millennials who have carved great niches, in entrepreneurship,

On the contrary, the Pew Research Center contradicts this belief, by conducting research that reveals that, millennials are not very entrepreneurial and often times, they fail.

According to Pew Research Center, one of the reasons why millennial entrepreneurs fail, is because, they do not go all in, for the course of business.

As young entrepreneurs, distractions reduce effectiveness and attention, to a business pursuit.

Having to pay tuitions, dealing with family issues, basic life issues and focus on business, takes professionalism and real experience.

Another reason millennials do not have effective output in business, is because of the mindset to do something extraordinarily “BIG”.

It is not wrong to have great dreams, but millennials must understand that, nothing great starts big. It is not everyone that will invent cars.

It is not everyone that will evolve technologies, which seems mind blowing.

Instead of beating oneself about pursuing a great course in entrepreneurship, one can always start small.

You want to own a big restaurant; start by working in one, meeting people and building capacity and knowledge, for your own.

Most times, millennials often believe that, they can skyrocket to the top; do not forget that, greatness is in taking steps that lead to the top.

Are you a millennial, planning to go into entrepreneurship and start a business?

Ask yourself, why you want to go into that business venture.

If your answer is to make money, or, be the best in your field, then, chances are, that such business will not last.

Most millennials fail in business because, their businesses are self-centered; you need to realize that, the basic reason for going into a business, is fixing a problem encountered by people.

Hence, the people, who will, eventually, patronize you to help them solve their problems, should be of greater concern in setting up your business.

Are you a millennial, passionate about entrepreneurship? You should consider going through this article, once again.

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