Any Reason Entrepreneurs Should Embrace Procrastination?

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Procrastination sets in when we try to get disengaged from some activities we feel might be a burden on our time or pose a threat to our mental capacity. In the process, we are engaged in other activities that offer less mental exhaustion.

At the mention of procrastination, the mental flash that often generates in our mind is a thought that procrastination is a step down to achieving productivity.

Head of the American Psychological Association’s Center for Organizational Excellence, David Ballard said, “Procrastination is not just avoiding or delaying a task, it also includes an aspect that is counterproductive, irrational or unnecessary.”

The perception we hold towards procrastination, however, might not always be the case. The truth is that there is a psychology behind procrastination that can assist in getting more tasks accomplished. Here are some of the reasons why entrepreneurs should embrace procrastination:

Procrastination helps spur creativity
When you put something aside for a while, it does not necessarily translate as you getting distracted. It might simply mean that you require some time out. This break can enhance a pathway for the development of new ideas.

Aaron Sorkin, Creator of West Wing said: “You call it procrastinating, I call it thinking.” He explains that putting off his writing until the last minute has helped him achieve meaningful ventures.

Allowing more time for you to sit, relax and have thoughts about your work can lead to better results.
Like the great Archimedes exclaimed, Eureka, ‘I found it’. Embracing procrastination might just be that spur you need, as an entrepreneur to lay your hands on the impossible.

Procrastination aids memory recall
For entrepreneurs, having a break, taking a walk, reading a book or something as simple as looking through the window of your office can afford you a quick memory recall.

The idea behind this is that, when you lay your mind of a particular mission for a while, you literally create space for easy flow of thought in your brain. Once your brain is free, you get sufficient energy to enhance memory recall.

Procrastination can enhance focus
Surprised that procrastination can enhance focus? Yes, it can actually. Why do you have to bear the burden of a single task, while it takes a substantial amount of your time? It would be helpful if you move away from the task for some brief moment.

Breaking up tasks can increase concentration. This is similar to enhancing creativity. Focusing is easy when a brief break is taken.

Overall, too much of procrastination will actually not get anything done, but the psychological benefits of procrastination cannot be overlooked, especially, as it concerns entrepreneurs.

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