Emerging Industries that Will Change the Direction of Investments in Africa

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Most tech giants, across the world are slowly, staking a claim, on the African continent and this arises, from the availability of potentials, both in human and natural resources that, are in abundance, in Africa.

Many industries, on the African continent, are booming and slowly, moving from the cradle stage to a, deeply, fertile stage and investors, are swarming, with wads of cash, looking for the next big thing that they envisage, to come up.

Industries in the developed countries, are already, much crowded and to a large extent over-saturated, thus, the need to venture out and find new places, with vast investment opportunities, to harbor, becomes a necessity.

Africa is, a land, ripe for the accommodation of any business venture that one can think of, as well as, a convenient place that, basically, any business can fly, if it is well thought out, with a perfect execution plan.

For these reasons, Africa is, just the right place that investors, are looking for and it is, basically, the next best destination, for future investments.

Irrespective of the enormous investment opportunities, scattered across the African continent, some industries stand out and investors will do well, to tap into them, as they are emerging industries that will, basically, boost investments in Africa.

While some industries are ripe and good for investing in, while, some have not yet matured enough.

Below are some of the industries that, are matured enough for investment:

Transportation, (Freight and Haulage)
Investments in Africa - cfamedia
Credit: tranex-ng

Africa is, slowly, waking up, to a lot of technological innovations and it is pretty slow.

The transportation industry, in Africa is, in its first stage of evolution and a lot of things, will have to be put in place, before this industry, can fully grow which will create investment opportunities.

Public transportation is, really, crude and in some African countries, rusty trains, buses, boats, lorries and cars, are still being used, to transport people and only two cities, Algeria and Cairo, that have Subways in Africa.

In as much as, this is, actually, bad, it presents, great opportunities, for investors, to tap in and African governments have, already, made open, their plans, to welcome investors, in this sphere.

There is, the need, to, revamp needs to the transportation industry and plans to modernize the public transportation systems, will move swiftly, if foreign investors are allowed.

The world is, moving at an exponential rate and Africa needs to flow along and flap her feathers with the, “big boys”, in technology by creating more avenues to encourage investments in Africa.

Financial technologies, (Fintech)
Credits: afrohustler

According to the World Bank Reports, 66% of sub-Saharan Africans, are listed, as “unbanked”.

This number is, huge and even, though, it presents a dire problem, it provides investment opportunities, for investors, to tap into and create an encompassing solution that is different, from what the traditional banks offer.

Fintech companies, such as Remix, M-Pesa, Opay, as well as others, have been able to bring the bank closer, to the people, but there is the need, for more initiatives and more investors, are still needed, in this industry.

Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain is, slowly, gaining ground and Africans need to tap into it. Investors are needed, in this sphere, in Africa, to push it to grow.

Ecommerce, (Online shopping)
Credits: binti.co.ke

The e-commerce industry in Africa is, booming, as more Africans, are now venturing and adopting online transactions, to carry out most of their daily functions.

This industry is ripe, for foreign investors, to dive in and invest.

The return on investment will be massive, as Africans, are now, more aware that, it is, way easy, to carry out online transactions than face to face meetups.

Finally, industrial growth, rest on how the African government can encourage and push foreign investments in Africa.

Featured Image: africabusiness2020

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